Wednesday, January 6, 2016

New technologies at CES BMW – The Car Guide

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas has become over time a popular event for automotive manufacturers and third party collaborators seeking to flaunt their new and future technologies. This year, BMW has filled their booth with a host of security features and connectivity.

i BMW Vision concept car is an interaction based on the sporty i8 plug-in hybrid, which has a display high head, dashboard with a 3D display as well as a panoramic display of 21 inches. The content presented on those screens would adjust according to driving conditions, while the manufacturer’s Air Touch technology uses sensors to recognize hand gestures. In sum, according to BMW, the panoramic view can be operated as a touch screen without having to touch it.

In the BMW Vision i Interaction, controls and physical buttons are minimalist, and three driving modes are available: Drive (the driver does the job), Assist (light support electronic systems) and Auto Mode (fully autonomous driving)

In addition to enhanced communication between car, smart home and user with the. Using a mobile device and a smart watch, entitled Mobility Mirror mirror can be hung on the wall at home. It can display information such as a personal calendar, mobility options, the energy level of the house, state of charge of the electric car and the weather.

Detect Bumper is a system that detects whether the parked vehicle and was hit – or if someone is trying to damage – and activates a camera system. Not only the owner of the vehicle struck receive a warning message, but can also receive images taken by cameras.

Also, a system of three United cameras on a display that would restore a rearview mirror conventional. According to BMW, their technology called Mirrorless covers a wider angle of vision, eliminating blind spots and can react to certain hazardous situations with yellow warning icons.


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