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Maintain the independence of the elderly is one of the major challenges of the coming years. Based in Saint-Paterne in home automation house educational application * The West Techsap cluster militates in this direction through innovation and new technologies while uniting many different actors. Interview with Anne Zerkovitz, its general secretary.

Dedicated to personal assistance, home automation house consists of forty innovative materials. What Techsap West Cluster missions?
” Created in June 2011, this association brings together more than fifty members of the Silver Economy in the territory . the great West Our goal is to facilitate and allow for home support for seniors through the implementation of innovative projects Our business is to bring together a network of players in the industry. Industry, health and social, Training, Services the person … We also develop for a year a living lab that integrates users in these experiments. “

What is home automation House pedagogical application?
“Created in 2008 by the CCI of Alençon and supported by the Regional Institute of Human Services (Irsap), this living space is a support for our living lab. Composed of living rooms equipped with technologies that offer comfort, safety and home care, this place has three objectives: teaching because it helps to educate industry professionals to these tools, informative, since we regularly organize open house and finally experimental because we test our solutions are user with a club. “

Also the image of the project BUL …
” Born 3 years ago, the single connection box (BUL) has actually been developed and tested. Involving a dozen partners, pilot and centralizes the entire home automation housing. Designed for seniors, it will eventually guarantee them autonomy and security. The tool is equipped with sensors and an alarm system that can inform a third party in case of problems. To date, the prototype works, but we have now simplified its interface for use on tablet more suited to that audience. “

What are your ambitions for 2016?
“2015 was a good year, with ten collaborative projects between members. These will continue in 2016 and others will emerge, like the European Interreg program which aims to create an intelligent wheelchair for people with mobility or cognitive dysfunction. We will also participate in the rehabilitation of housing suitable for seniors and the construction of an accommodation establishment for the elderly (nursing homes) experimental. “

* The educational application home automation is subsidized to the tune of € 70,000 by the Pays de la Loire in the framework of a regional agreement signed with the Pays d’Alençon.

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BUL to maintain autonomy Senior

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