Thursday, January 21, 2016

New technologies are surfing the heart of thalassotherapy – Doctissimo

Alternative Medicine, cryotherapy, water mattress conforms to the shape of the body, Vichy showers balayantes, check up supply facilities … These innovative new technologies will be presented at the show The Thermalies, to be held from January 21 to 24 at the Carrousel the Louvre in Paris.

The cryotherapy, recup sports

Tendonitis, anti-fatigue, anti-stress, fight against cellulite, cryotherapy has anti-inflammatory properties . Most thalassotherapy come to seize this phenomenon very fashionable, which is to fix the cold in a cabin at -83 degrees for 3 minutes. The technique is well known sportsmen who love it for muscle relaxation and pain relief. Alliance Pornic provides care in his cures “Thalasso and Running”, “cure resolution Sport”. The novelty this year is also invited to Cabourg and Thalazur Arcachon.

According to practitioners there is no medical indication against-a blood pressure control is however necessary.

Heading for insomnia and stress

The sleep and anti-stress treatments of Thalasso and Spa Sea Dinard included this year “Dodow” supposed reconnect insomniacs with Morpheus. This big white roller with three blue LED can synchronize breathing in rhythm with light. The device asks to consciously develop slow and deep breaths to act on the autonomic nervous system, responsible for insomnia. An effective principle inherited from alternative medicines like relaxation therapy.

Stress side, burn-out and digital detox, the Vichy Célestins Spa heads for cardiac coherence with Symbiofi, latest technology validated by the center University Hospital (CHU) from Lille: Lille developed by psychiatrists, the technique was previously used by psychologists in private practice in cases of chronic stress. It consists in synchronizing the respiration rhythm of the heart. Installed in front of a screen, the software will broadcast programs on which the person will stall her breathing (landscape, wave, etc.) and will enable sensors to register the cardiac signal.

Energy Check-up

Among the new advanced equipment, the almost PhysioScan is science fiction. With this tool, the body is scrutinized to the smallest cells for accurate and complete checkup. It is a decoder that listens to the frequencies emitted by each cell, tissue or organ and identify malfunctions to provide an adequate response. Voltage level / fatigue different systems (nervous, digestive, cardiovascular, parasympathetic, endocrine, musculoskeletal), emotional stress state (fears, emotional, psychological blocks) are screened. Goal ? Possibly to highlight a disturbed acid-base balance, food intolerance, allergy, pollution. Many abnormalities that can be treated and a program proposed by the specialists of the Alliance Pornic. The center has the exclusivity of the tool.

intense sensory Relaxation

One of the curiosities of living this year is this therapeutic massage waterbeds dry allowing a rear body sculpting by vibratory resonance. From a high-performance technology, the mattress Ondorelax has a dome that allows the partner with complementary therapies such as music therapy and chromotherapy. The sensory journey takes place at the Institute of Marine Baths of Saint-Malo

Thermalies, from January 21 to 24, at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris. –

AFP / Relaxnews


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