Thursday, March 17, 2016

Dive into the heart of new technologies for RTL (video) – RTL info

Today, the brand new RTL INFO represents a hundred journalists and cameramen field, capable of collecting information usually immersed in the heart of the population. The only way finally to take the pulse of the citizens to supply adequate information made in real time on site and shipped in ways more flexible.

600 video files available

the satellites spin at full speed to the antennas of RTL House through a computer software manufacturing 100% Belgian. Cable kilometers allow to instantly win the heart of the information system: the newsroom. This is designed by EVS. Including software management and installation, some 600 video files placed daily provision of TV editors, radio and internet. The essays are collected in a single workspace. One way to contribute to a good reactivity and synergy between the teams. Professional journalists are live with a simple mobile phone. This equipment enables teams to easily send images and sound to RTL House in the heart of the newsroom for immediate release.

A button to alert us

the citizen as it turns into when we refer directly alert and sends us photos and videos at the touch of button alert us, accessible from the INFO RTL website.

RTL follows closely the evolution of new technologies, including the use of drones. At RTL, two people are qualified to drive and thus support the citizen in his quest airline information. A simple phone card inserted into a laptop can transmit these sequences shot without any other equipment. Recently, the phone card has also invested professional conventional cameras to transmit in real time, images and sound.

In the era of “digital full”, graphics technologies are essential because they allow create unexpected effects. Indeed, during a football match, for example, it is difficult to decode the tactical choices. This information is revealed when technology dissects the action. It is even possible to redo the game by moving the players and their trajectories. And again, the company that invented the technology used by RTL Belgium.


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