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Night, half of the French do not extinguish their smartphone or laptop and keep it either in operation (one in five) or in sleep in their room while they sleep, according to the survey conducted on the occasion of the 16th day of SommeI l Friday, during which the sleep centers will open their doors to the public

half also admits she can be awakened. – “every night often or sometimes “- by messages.Parmi those awakened by a message, provide 92% consult” still (almost) often or sometimes “and 79% say” respond to messages upon receipt “

the use of “new technologies” at night in bed affects 36% of respondents rest days or vacation days and 39% work in active and students.

But more than half of “addicted” to the screens at night under the covers between 18 and 34 years. Among these “addicts” night, 18-24 year olds have more trouble sleeping than those of the same age who do not use their screens at night , the days of work (31% against 18% ).

the light screens disturbs the biological clock

problem, the a light screen delivers an alert signal mishaps and disrupts the biological clock that no longer provides rapid sleep onset or restful sleep, fall specialists.

the survey shows an ignorance of the light signals that interfere with quality sleep, since about one in ten French think that electronic tools are to use “rather in the evening” to preserve sleep.

So, they are slow to turn off (up to 40 minutes on average against 27 for others) and also take longer to fall asleep. They often complain of poor sleep and recover more sleeping on weekends than the average.

During the holidays and days off, if more than 80% of respondents say that their come to think of disconnect (mail, social networks, sms, Tweeter …), 18% never disconnect. 18-24 are themselves a four never to disconnect during the holidays .

A structure specialized in sleep disorders in Dijon

sleep plays an important role in our lives. Proof also that we should not neglect it. Besides, in our region several structures specialize in pathology research related to sleep as the Hospital Chartreuse in Dijon .

Since 2010, this structure has new technology to track narcolepsy, sleep apnea, sleepwalking and other sleep related diseases.

in this center, it handles about 500 applications per year. A figure that could increase further. The main responsibility remains new technologies.

In France, nearly one in two French with a laptop is a victim of sleep disorders . Young people are particularly vulnerable.

Report Elandaloussi Nicolas and Olivier Surville

sleep Day

Speakers: Fabrice Nolin, Former patient sleep laboratory; Alain François Richard, nurse technician hospital of the monastery; Jean-Claude Giraud, psychiatrist sleep specialist


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