Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Les nominés dans la catégorie « Nouvelles technologies » – SilverEco

The category “New Technologies” has 15 nominees this year, where users can vote until the end of the week.


Actimage actiHome is an innovative digital products to seniors wishing to remain independent at home for as long as possible. At the heart of the Silver Economy, actiHome connects seniors, their families, care agencies and service companies by facilitating the exchange and sharing of information between these actors. actiHome thus offers seniors appropriate supervision and comfort of staying at home.

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 CDIP Seniors are sometimes quite isolated and disconnected from their loved EDK provides a simplified touch pad allows everyone to benefit from e-mail , easy access to your photos, internet, games and Android applications. from the start of the tablet, the user benefits from a simplified interface, without false maneuver as possible and the omnipresent possibility of returning to hosting one click.

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 DOMIZY Far from replacing humans, it is simply a coach, a co-facilitator and motivator for the elderly and children. It may also participate in memory stimulation workshops, drawing the attention of people with cognitive or psychological problems and encourage them to express themselves.

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Family Connect

 FAMILY CONNECT 1 in 5 seniors is not in contact with someone a day. in fact, a person may receive three calls on weekends, and no week. But this isolation is a source of risk for the elder and concern for his loved ones. By strengthening the link between generations, mobile internet and Family Connect platform make it possible to better distribute family support to ensure a contact daily.

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 MEDissimo - logo - drug Imedipac is a smart pillbox, secure, connected to the sleek design that thanks to its embedded technology, improves adherence. It sounds and lights each taking medication, the sensors detect the drilling and GPRS connectivity enables tracking and sharing of compliance with professional health and the environment.

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My Olympus

 MY OLYMPE The My solutions developed by Olympus are developed to match the needs of staff (in institutions) who was consulted periodically to validate the adequacy of the solutions and the expressed need. The goal: That the Owner does not discover his project at the reception of the work, but it participates and makes evolve

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Open App develops contactless switches and controls to turn off the switch button by replacing it with a space visual and comfortable for the elderly or with disabilities. visual as recovery or location is marked by a decoration or a pictogram of the desired size. comfortable because without contact, no emission of waves, operating in very low voltage and therefore can be installed anywhere.

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 ORDIMEMO Ordimemo

ideoo was developed in 2015 by a company French specialized “new technologies” since 1989, to meet the needs of seniors in terms of internet usage. This solution is in following the Ordimemo innovation, a tablet designed for seniors. Circulated as an app, ideoo allows all seniors to use computers for entertainment, communicate and exchange with loved ones.

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 Orisha technology 2 Orisha Technology

orishaCard is a simple box on which a weakened person (elderly, disabled, etc …) files a map where a loved one is in picture. Contact with the card, the person is related automatically with his close audio and / or video way. and that, autonomously, without further action on the part of the user.

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Mad Love Solutions

 ORLAC to keep the elderly as long as possible at home, the Olea solution plans to provide a simple bracelet to use, equipped with a GPS, which measures the movement, heart rate and body temperature. In order to prevent accidents and, where appropriate notify the immediate family or the home support structure via SMS.  Votes - Trophies SilverEco 2016


Associative group Edenis, joins the company Robocare Lab to offer an innovative service. Anxious to facilitate the relationship and strengthen the link with the nearby residents of nursing homes, Robocare Lab developed the presence + Visitor solution with the establishment of Tele-presence robots and remote control.

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logo-swap swap

Swap has developed a bracelet for people with Alzheimer’s disease, connected to a mobile application. This combination allows the patient to feel safe and reassured close to being on his relative’s condition, or defendant in case of problems, via medical sensors such as heart rate monitor, temperature and drop, as well as geolocation of the patient.

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 ubiquid Ubiquid

Ubiquid revolutionizes linen management in nursing homes, transforming the clothes of residents connected objects. Thus, the losses are avoided clothes, the clothes are finally tidy, well washed. The seamstresses also save considerable time, while the branches carry strong economies.

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YUMII logo Yumii

Yumii revolutionizes the lives of older people through the creation of a matchmaking platform between them and their family, caregivers and doctors. mediation is between a voice-activated robot and a mobile and web platform. precursor of uberisation of home help, Yumii allows everyone to share quality time through activities (although -being, leisure, cultural visits …). A simple solution, adapted and secure.

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