Thursday, March 31, 2016

Eure, the technology sector in full … – Paris Normandy

Various inputs to achieve the same goal: to accompany changes at great speed of new digital technologies. Outside Paris and Rouen, Eure does not intend to miss the train of this revolution carrier jobs. Training, sensitization, information initiatives abound and cater to as many

The bus technology

Example side Bernay, where the high-tech hits the road. The Digitaliz’Eure association, chaired by Basil Bohard, also president and founder of the start-up Neo Digital, specializing in new technologies, recently unveiled its Bus technology.

Inside vehicle recovered from the network of ébroïcienne agglomeration and renovated, there are computers, touch tables, scanners, glasses and 3D printers, augmented and virtual reality applications, among other connected devices.

We’re working on for a year, says Basile Bohard. The idea came in 2014 at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas [largest high-tech world event, which Neo Digital participated in 2015 and 2016, Editor's note] . We realized it needed a mobile tool in our rural sector, to bring new technologies to the general public, businesses, communities and schools.

Present the interest of big data, use virtual reality models for viewing or gaming applications offer the general public are among the tasks of the bus. Visitors will experience thanks to a digital mediator, the possible uses of these technologies in various fields: education, industry, health, building, services, design, social, leisure …

Modular, bus will evolve constantly to be on top of technology. A scale project, a cost of 1 M € over three years , funded by public and private , which has a price. It costs € 2,500 to enjoy the bus for a day. A dozen people can meet, at the same time on the bus. Basile Bohard hopes his mobile tool rapidly traverse the Norman roads or French.



Fifteen future coders began training

Fifteen jobseekers started a Web developer coder training in Evreux. It is available until June 27 by Pôle emploi and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) Gates of Normandie, in association with the Grand Evreux agglomeration, Societe Generale and ERDF.

Getting up by CCI Training Eure and Webforce 3 (Paris), this session is entirely financed by the employment center. If beginners were accepted, recruitment has still been selective. Of 73 candidates, only 15 were selected, including two women.

10 % theory,

90 % practice

During 75 days (525 hours), this intensive mixes 10% theory and 90% practice. Rigor, autonomy, adaptability, teamwork, mobility, and of course, appetite for computers, are required.

Developer coder training had already been established in Louviers, from October to February. The experiment was a success: 10 of 15 people have already found jobs. In this regard, the town was awarded the Great School of the digital label.


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