Monday, March 21, 2016

Seen online When the television of agriculture 2.0 – Terre-net

Drones, robots, connected objects … Made at the Sia, issuing France 5 showing the use of new technologies in agriculture is available online.

S i the agricultural show is regarded as conveying an outdated image with a large majority of farmers, he nevertheless began to evolve by showing the modernism farmer profession . For example with the technology and digital tools. Beyond the farm crisis, obviously highlighting saw its severity, and traditional stories about regional products, contests, political visits, etc., several mainstream media have therefore taken the opportunity to set before modernism.

here’s an example with this dedicated extracted with agriculture 2.0 in issuing France 5 “daily”. It shows the interest of the drones , robots and glasses connected Crop.

(click the image to see the video)

the entire program (32 minutes) devoted to “the future of agriculture: high tech or collaborative ? “Is also available:

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