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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Accidents at work on sensitive sites are still responsible for dozens of deaths each year. Explosions, falls, fires and other landslides require vigilance and responsiveness at all times. For industrial, reconciling security and productivity reports to a major issue. Too often seen as a constraint, industrial safety performance nevertheless represents a lever provided to acquire the right tools. Based on business solutions, is the whole organization of the site benefits. “1 euro invested in security equivalent to 2.19 euros gain in productivity …”

A clear legislative framework

Recent events raised the notion of security to national priority. Today, it takes a matter of urgency, particularly in the industrial sector where it guarantees numerous human issues, environmental and financial.

According to Article R237-10 of the Labour Code no employee shall work in isolation, without being equipped with a device allowing it to communicate directly with his superiors in an accident. Criminally responsible, the entrepreneur must personally ensure the implementation of rules to protect the safety of workers under his authority. Yet if there is a clear legal framework and that companies incur significant risks, this requirement remains little known and even less respected.

Security and productivity, two inseparable pillars

If productivity is the engine of an industrial enterprise, the ability to handle the unexpected, while remaining productive, is a decisive factor in competitiveness. A recent study on “The Economics of Prevention,” shows that a 1 euro invested in security equivalent to 2.19 euros gain in productivity (in the field of construction).

initially, industrial safety focused on technical issues, such as improving systems or machines. Then the human factor has emerged and was joined by the organizational factor. It is now clear that an accident can not be explained by a single cause but results from a combination of several events. Improving safety therefore rests now on these three factors (technical, human, and organizational). Improving the responsiveness of the teams face an accident, we can significantly reduce its impact.

Tools adapted to mobility situations

For many years, the lone worker phenomenon is accelerating. Rationalization of farms has often forced companies to reduce their human contingent, which implies a growing market demand for devices PTI (Lone Worker Protection) and DATI (An alarm of Lone Worker), able to assist the staff in potentially risky situations, while adapting to the specific environments.

Although many security-related issues on industrial sites continue, the technologies and the answers are changing rapidly. Connected objects represent an important advance in the search for greater responsiveness and fluidity in exchanges. They can deliver the right information to the right person at the right time and thus add value to the treatment of deemed critical alarm.

In case of accident, every minute counts

The devices DATI / PTI, are particularly suitable for mobile use on site. They offer personal security features, localization, control and support lone worker such as the detection of immobility or vertical drops, common in the industrial sector. Take the example of a service technician, working alone, in the evening of Saturday. If sliding scale and that his fall left him unconscious on the floor, the alarm “immobility” of the PTI device will alert the alarm center outside all by telling it where the hurt is.

in case of alarm, the setting up of fixed or mobile communication systems makes it possible for teams to trace real-time information and manage all the alarms considered critical. This shortcut enables information processing of causing a proactive action where speed remains a key concept in the event of an accident, when every minute counts …

It is now necessary to provide men at risk an efficient and low equipment, which will immediately alert and efficiently. Technological tools exist. But security is also a matter of corporate culture or the impulse of the leadership and membership of the teams are the keystone.

 Founded in 1955, Ascom Wireless Solutions, a division of Ascom AG is an international provider of ICT solutions for critical communications in the health sector. Today the number of our installed systems exceeds the 100 bar 000. They equip hospital sectors, elderly care and assisted living: wherever critical communications are at the forefront. Ascom France, based in Nanterre (92), specializes in business application solutions for the health sector, industry and services. PTS offers its “Productivity, Traceability, Security” offers a wealth of applications to improve the productivity of the organization, while ensuring the safety of people with traceability of associated events.


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