Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Half of French think that new technologies have a … – The Blog of Jean-Marc Morandini (Blog)

The French recognize that new technologies their “make life easier” but they are nearly half think they have a negative impact “on human relations in general,” according to a survey by Ipsos for Microsoft.

The development of new digital technologies (computers, smartphones, tablets) in recent years has been “mostly positive” effects in terms of time savings for 78% of respondents in this study published Tuesday.

63% of French, these technologies also have a beneficial impact on the organization of daily life and work.

They are 39% think that their effect is mostly positive “for relations with the relatives”, while 28% believe that their effect is negative on this point.

But 49% of the French believe that new technologies have a predominantly negative effect “on human relationships in general.” Only 20% think their impact is positive on this point.

In addition, 58% of French are the machines and new technologies make the “dependent” man and take “too much space”.

Only 27% think that “free man” including binding, boring or complicated tasks.

Even 16-24 years are 50% to highlight this human dependence.

The French are divided vis-à-vis artificial intelligence, defined here as the intelligence of computers, smartphones and applications.

The cause for concern or skepticism in 51% of people. And curiosity and enthusiasm in 45% of them.

93% of French believe that for change “in the right direction,” tomorrow technology must protect the personal data of users. 83% that it should be governed by ethical rules. And 67% that it should be “more human” …

The survey was conducted via the Internet from February 17 to 19 with 2,000 people aged 16 and over.

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