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New technologies: Medtech takes control size … –

By Younis Tantawi on 16/03/2016 at 14:18

Said Rkaibi

Said Rkaibi, founder of Medtech Group

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After Uniforce Computers and S2M, Medtech group is finalizing, in the space of four months, a third stake in a company operating in the new technologies. What causes this sudden appetite for new acquisitions?

Nothing stops the Medtech group. The specialist in new technologies makes acquisitions in recent months in several sectors related to new technologies sector.

According to information from Le360, the group is finalizing the acquisition of 60% of the company Dimension Data Morocco. The company, which employs over 100 people and has a turnover of between 100 and 500 million DH, operates in the field of cable installations, telecommunications, high frequency applications and telephony.

the latter belonged to 2010 to the family Meziane Belfkih. At the time, she was wearing the name “Society of Cable Television and Communication” before the majority of the capital is transferred to the Japanese operator Dimension Data family Meziane Belfkih not having kept a minority share. Hence the company name was changed to Dimension Data Morocco.

In terms of the share of capital affected by the new transaction, so that would be the Japanese group that is preparing to abandon the 60 % stake in favor of Medtech group. For now, no indication is made on the amount of the deal but given Morocco Data Dimension of performance, it could exceed 100 million DH.

Remember that there is barely Within weeks, the Medtech group had formalized the acquisition of 34% stake in S2M. The operation had cost him more then 50 million dirhams. Earlier, in December 2015, the group also acquired a majority stake in the company Uniforce IT company specialized in IT solutions and services.

This means that for a few months, appetite Medtech grows exponentially, enough to ask about the purpose of all its acquisitions in the chain.


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