Thursday, March 3, 2016

Quimper. A forum music and new technologies – Ouest-France

The music forum and new technologies is open to all. Artists, musicians, technicians, teachers, curious and passionate. The meeting is organized by Music and dances in Finistère (MDF) , in partnership with Polarity [s] , but also conservatories Brest and Quimper (Finistère) or Firefly and Codelab . A string of know-how, for a day under the sign of discovery

-. Workshop Field Recording from 9 am 30-17 h the workshop proposes to discover sound capture techniques around and in the Novomax . These recordings will be followed by the analysis of soundscapes, with editing and composition with Audacity

-. Workshop miking, registration from 10 am to 12 h and 14 h to 17 h in the morning, it will address issues of sound recording (selection and placement of microphones, sound processing, listening, etc.). The objective of this morning is to teach basic techniques.

In the afternoon, the group, consisting in the morning, according to the desires of each, will split into two entities. One will be supported for a traditional mixing session recorded in the morning sounds. The second group will be offered a job remixing / AM sound design. But this time, with an electronic approach (sampling, use of instruments and electronic treatments)

. – Discovery Workshop circuit-bending, from 14 h to 17 h Objetcif? Divert sound toys. To participate, you must bring an electronic contraption producing sound: music and sound toys, keyboards, radios, talking dolls, megaphones, etc. Plus it’s old, the better! It is advisable to choose, whenever possible, a device manufactured before 2004, and powered by batteries

-. E Violin, from 14 h to 17 h who has never dreamed of making a small electronic instrument? A hack stranded with few components and son color, batteries and a soldering iron, without prior knowledge necessary.

– Concert free Collectif Max and Alexis Bocher, 18 h 30 The improvisation in all its forms together this collective. With its past experiences with improvisers such Kassap, Labarrière, Capozzo Blondy or Bertocchi, this set will present a unique electroacoustic performance, with the eclectic musician Quimper, Alexis Bocher, expert in musical machines, cellist and member of the Kreiz Breizh Akademi.

note the presence of Céline Rivoal (chromatic accordion), Dominig Bouchaud (Celtic harp), Anne Ledru (violin), Hervé Lesvenan (piano) and Alexis Bocher (cello / machines).

– Aperitif Codelab, 19 h 30-21 h Discussions, meetings, performances, presentations of projects around the experimental practices of digital design

Saturday, March 5 , forum music and new technologies from 9 h 30, the Novomax, 2, boulevard Dupleix in Quimper. Free entry. Registration required for workshops on

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