Tuesday, March 8, 2016

New technologies to enhance the byproducts wine … – Vitisphere.com

  “The distilleries already highly value by-products of wine. But in the pasty and solid residues of wine, there is still molecules of interest (anthocyanins, polyphenols …) that can be extracted, concentrated and continue to develop in food, pharmacy and oenology … “poses Professor Martine Mietton-Peuchot (Science Institute of Vine and Wine). Coming to an end, the European project Valuxtract offers to this effect a range of existing technologies to access these molecules, without using solvents.

 Worn for three years by a consortium of European researchers *, the project has achieved its objectives: “has been shown to be technically and economically these eco-innovative technologies can walk. We must now move on to the pilot scale “ says Martine Mietton-Peuchot. To transfer this research to the professional world, a balance sheet of this workshop is March 17 in Montpellier (click here for details), mainly to the attention of players distilleries and innovation. These technologies from other sectors, such as pulsed electric fields (for the breakdown of materials) or subcritical water extraction (of boiling water under pressure).

 Also note that the project included a component on the valuation of oenological wood, such as wood chips or barrels that are no longer usable. By crushing and extraction, it would be possible to extract aromatics and tannins (for original offer wine to wine experts).


 *: The ISVV therefore, but also the Swiss school of Changins and the German University of Geisenheim. Among its private partners are the Phénobio laboratory and Sofralab provider.


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