Thursday, March 10, 2016

Gardening sow, plant and harvest with new … – RTBF

Spring is coming and it is time to take care of the garden. But how to do when no green thumb? Failing to have a good gardener to take care of your green, your smartphone can become your best assistant gardener.

With many applications, it is now possible to garden easily. Since there are many, we sort and we focused on free applications, French and compatible with iOS and Android.

  1. Aujardin : This is the mobile version of the website of the same name. You will find a series of tips and tutorials to learn gardening. The negative point ? There is too much information and we tend to get lost. It lacks a little light but very complete
  2. The Watering. is an agenda for the plants. Just encode the plants you have in your application and design a schedule and reminds you of tasks you have to do. For example, if you encode you mint in pots, we advise you to mulch mint every two weeks, to pinch two months later and repot it in a year.
  3. Groww: same principle as Watering
  4. PlantNet. is the plant shazam! Shazam allows you to recognize a broadcast basis. PlantNet did the same with plants. Simply take a picture of a leaf, a flower, a bark or fruit and the app will give you the name of the plant.

as we said, there are a range of other applications. It must certainly not be limited to these few tools. There are even items connected as the Flower Power of the plateau developed by Parrot. This is a small sensor to plant in your flower pots to measure the rate of fertilizer, soil moisture, temperature and brightness. In the same idea, there is also the garden of geeks: Basile. This small indoor garden allows to grow herbs without having to land nor regular watering or even sunlight!

For all nature lovers, at the moment, you can see the flowering of a titan arum at the National botanic Garden for Meiser. This gigantic plant blooms only 72 hours. She had not flourished since 2013. Suddenly, the Botanical Garden is open this Thursday, March 10 exceptionally until 21h!


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