Wednesday, September 28, 2016

“A ambitious countries oriented towards new technologies” – PAPERJAM give the word a student of the Kingdom to know his aspirations, his ambitions… His opinion about the country of today, and of tomorrow.

first Name: Christophe

Name: Atten

Nationality: Luxembourg

Age: 24


“I got my two degrees in computer science at the University of Luxembourg: the bachelor it professional in 2014 and recently the master in information and computer science in 2016.

Why did you chose to join the Kingdom?

“The decision to do my graduate studies at the University of Luxembourg has been a choice very simple. In fact, the bachelor proposed by the Kingdom is an ideal place to start his professional career in the computing sector, while the master’s degree allows you to develop knowledge and acquire skills in more specific areas.

What will be your professional project out of school?

“during my studies, I am interested in programming and I’ve developed my first app ‘LuxRadar’ which is now available for iOS and Android. It was an excellent experience and I wish to continue to program in my future profession.

Would you like to practise this profession in Luxembourg?

“Certainly! Since my childhood, I am passionate about computer science and the Luxembourg is a great place to start her career in this sector. Located in the heart of Europe in a sector in full expansion, what more can one ask?

In 10 years ‘ time, Luxembourg will be…

“In 10 years’ time, Luxembourg will be a country with a very dynamic and ambitious, oriented towards the new technologies.”


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