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Hospital : new technologies at the service of a better … – TD

The new technologies provide a practical response to the daily problems of health facilities, particularly in the improvement of their organization. The digital transformation of hospitals is in walking…

Now subject to profitability goals, hospitals are now faced with budget pressures growing, combined with the regulatory requirements very stringent. Cost reduction and productivity have become major issues. In this context, hospitals are forced to rethink their business processes and their tools that they too are not immune to digitalisation, in order to foster communication and cooperation between the different service.

This trend is essential to gain efficiency and quality in the management the care of patients. The new technologies provide a concrete answer the issues encountered on a daily basis by the health facilities, particularly in the improvement of their organization. The transformation digital hospitals is in walking…

The challenges of the hospital of the future

do you Know in Quebec, the hospitals conduct surveys of just satisfaction and that the results expressed by the patients are a important component of the approach to improving the quality of services ? This framework for performance evaluation proposed by the the Department includes the measurement of the reactivity, which is defined as ” the ability to adapt to expectations, values and rights of patients “.

today, the main challenges are organisational and human : how to optimize the use of resources, fewer and fewer numerous, for greater profitability, while ensuring a better access to care and effective care of patients ? A multitude of technological solutions exist today to help hospitals and to streamline their organization, improve the working conditions of the personnel and “patient experience”

Thanks to the platform application dedicated, different alerts, regardless of their origin (patient, staff, technical, etc) can be centralized in order to be handled more quickly and more efficiently. These applications allow caregivers to work in the best possible conditions, minimize the risk of error, accident, delay or negligence. Of terminal application, for example, access to information key, such as the Patient’s Computerized (DPI), diagnostics, results of analyses, at any time and anywhere.

Streamline the business process to facilitate communication inter-service

The management of beds is one of the issues the fundamental effectiveness of the institutions of care. In particular, for accident and emergency departments, a place of transit to the specialist services. Communication solutions allow to know in real time the availability of beds, in order to be able to assign the right patient, at the right time. And thus reduce the turnaround time for admissions and expedite management.

Regarding the logistics of transportation of people within institutions, other application based solutions allow you to optimize the work of the stretcher-bearers, assigning courses according to their the availability and geographical proximity with the service in which they must intervene. The missions and orders of transporting patients are well sent directly to the stretcher-bearers on a terminal application for mobile, both at the inside and outside of the hospital. The goal : reduce the time waiting and transportation time. This improvement of the organization internal prevents, for example, that a patient be transported to a unit of radiology wait one hour before placing the radio.

Improve the support of patients throughout their course of care

new technologies provide the intelligence, the coordination and the responsiveness to the organization of hospitals. The doctors and the care staff do not lose more time identify a patient, his history and his needs – in particular at the transfer of a patient between two services where the transmission of information, is sometimes critical. This allows you to take better and more informed decisions, more better and more quickly. This time saving benefit to the patient, and better accompanied on a daily basis.

the scale of the establishment, the use of solutions aimed at improving the communication and task scheduling between the people and the services is also a source of earnings. The solutions brancardage smart, for example, when they are combined with a management fluid from the agenda of the surgical procedures to better manage the activity of the operating theatres and the use to the maximum of their ability. For hospitals, this translates to a improvement of their financial results as an operating room non – optimized or a bed not occupied generates significant financial losses. the more, the improvement of the care of its patients and the best working conditions of its health care staff, impact of way significantly the reputation of a hospital, all the more that since the advent of social networks, patients today no longer hesitate to express their opinions and feedback. The care provided in the centres, hospital are now discussed, noted and sometimes criticized…


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