Wednesday, September 7, 2016

In Vietnam renowned for its factories, emergence of new … – Le Parisien

A pplications, e-commerce, software … In the “Silicon Valley” Vietnamese, start-ups and new companies are booming, driven by young people trained in USA, France, but also in universities in communist countries, far more renowned for its plants.
Ten years after the installation of US giant Intel, Vietnam has gained a new status on the scene global technology, which has not escaped the industry giants like Google, which sees the country as one of its key markets in the future.
and today, when a head of state is official travel, it does not fail to come and visit one of the many small, innovative companies in the field. as Barack Obama in May, François Hollande visited Wednesday in Ho Chi Minh City, the former -Saïgon, economic capital and cradle of Vietnamese new technologies.
Francois Hollande visited the premises of Linkbynet, French IT company based in Vietnam for two years.
“Vietnam has very good technicians and computer scientists,” says Thuy Bui, CEO of this company. “The country is young and forward these and Vietnamese universities are leading in this area,” he added.
According to the latest ranking of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD ) dating from 2012, Vietnam ranks in fact ahead of the United States, Britain and France in math and science. in order to Thuy Bui, the country is now “a good alternative to India, in particular for small structures. “
Many of the technologies, such as mobile applications or e-commerce software, are intended for local consumers in a country where the median age is 30 years and internet connectivity is expanding.
“the local market is large, young, with rapid growth and is not yet saturated,” analyzes Eddie Thai causes 500 Startups, investment funds turned . towards new technologies
for Eddie Thai, born in the US to Vietnamese parents who fled the regime, the potential of Vietnam is clear: the country has 90 million inhabitants, 45 million Internet users, 30 million people with a smartphone and internet use has increased tenfold in ten years.
and the dynamism of the sector leads many Vietnamese who live or have studied abroad to return.
“After a few years working in France, I wanted to return to participate in the growth of the country. It’s very exciting to see all the start-ups and new companies, “says Hau Nguyen, who works for Officience, computer company.
– Engineers trained abroad –
Hau Nguyen studied France, which remains outside Asia, the third destination behind the United States and Australia for Vietnamese students. a total of 6,500 of them come to study in France every year.
These young people are a breeding ground essential for new companies, very interested in this labor oeuvres still inexpensive compared to India, China or Singapore.
same time, “the government is investing heavily to promote iT in Vietnamese universities “said Truong Thi Pham, who works for Linagora, French software company creation implanted in Vietnam.
There are no official figures on the sector but according to state media the number of high tech sector revenue reached $ 3 billion (2.7 billion euros) last year against 2 billion in 2010.
the government has also drawn a strategy for the sector and founded in Ho Chi Minh City “Vietnam Silicon Valley” in 2013 to create an “ecosystem for innovation and technology commercialization”.
“Vietnam is present in the field of technology for some years. But it is now in the process of moving up the value chain “analysis Romain Caillaud, Director Southeast Asia to the US company FTI Consulting.
” The industry is growing because Vietnam has made choices strategic sense in terms of tax benefits, attractiveness for foreign investment, “added the latter.
But the fact remains that many obstacles still exist in authoritarian countries to the single party.
” Vietnam a hidden technological potential, but it could take five years may appear to large companies that have a global impact, “said Anh Minh Do, Vertex Venture Holdings analyst based in Singapore.


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