Friday, September 2, 2016

RWANDA / NEW TECHNOLOGIES Rwanda at the forefront … – News Press (press release)

         RWANDA / NEW TECHNOLOGIES Rwanda at the forefront of I.C.T. (Information and Communication Technology) to ensure its development.

         KT Press
         02/09/2016 9:13:18 p.m.


Rwanda has made a name in the field of new technologies. This small landlocked country is also rapidly becoming a regional hub in the field of new technologies. The optical fiber travels through the country, the 4G Internet has become a standard so that public transport provide this service in different buses plying the city of Kigali. The Rwandan
Company “Smart Initiative” , just put on the market, a new application called “Smart parent”, for connecting schools, parent to students. The company “Smart Initiative” took the Kigali International Expo Fair to start marketing its new product on the market.
At the launch, “Smart Initiative” bought laptops “Made in Rwanda” she will freely available to partner schools. This material will provide a new learning capacity online for a maximum of teachers and students.
The first school that will benefit from this new tool will be the “Lycée Notre Dame de Citeau” in Kigali.
“Smart parent” program can be described as a monitoring tool that provides daily SMS messages alerting parents to be well informed about any problems with their children. The school will be able to communicate much about a possible lack of student on repetitive delays and on the schooling own shortcomings. This information can be transmitted in real time, which is an important step in the dialogue between the school and parents of students.
“Smart Parent” was very well received by African leaders at a presentation which took place at the “African Union Summit”
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