Saturday, September 3, 2016

The future of the Walloon industry is in new technologies – RTBF

With almost 6,000 jobs lost across all subcontractors, the closure of the Caterpillar plant in Gosselies is a true social drama. Not only for the Charleroi region, but also for industrial employment in Wallonia. Should it therefore be concluded that the industry is completely devastated in the south? Thierry Castagne, Director of Agoria Wallonia-emits an optimistic opinion.

This is not a Walloon problem

” If we look at the past 20 years, we expect 3100 companies in the Walloon technology industry. This is 20% more than 20 years ago, but the average number of employees increased from 21 to 18. the figure cumulative revenues of € 16 billion, or 15% more than 20 years ago in constant euros. But 57,000 jobs is 5% less than it was 20 years. These figures are, of course, difficult to hear while unfolds the drama of Caterpillar, but it has happened in the past and particularly in Flanders. it is not a Walloon problem we face challenges important for the manufacturing industry and ensure that it is still there tomorrow. But this should not obscure the new technology industry, engineering. An industry more white collar found in space and high digital technology that develop in Wallonia in a number of areas. ”


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