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Computer – Of new specialists in the new technologies – The Express of Madagascar

Madagascar opens to the technological advances. Thus, a huge scope of development open. In response to this phenomenon, the country has need of qualified technicians.

The malagasy population lives, in the last few years, to the era of high-speed. Which has led to the explosion of corporate computer services and software development as well as the activities of call center and Business Process Outsourcing. In this sense, new specialists and new technology are coming out of their pens.
In a ceremony worthy of the name, 75 students of the IT University (ITU) have recently obtained their degrees in computer science Friday, to Antaninarenina. Nineteen of them have obtained the qualification of Master MBDS, more precisely Mobiquité, Database, and integrations of Systems, in partnership with the University of Nice, Sophia Antipolis (France). This Master’s degree aims to train computer specialists, so they mastered the development of applications for end-to-end, that is to say, the database on the phone. And this, in environments of mobility and architecture, wireless, with prototyping of projects in all sectors supported by technology vendors.
” The IT University we offer a curriculum that serious. In addition, it has educational facilities such as free high-speed unlimited and it puts at the disposal of students of the laptop. And it is these benefits that allow me to face the professional world, ” explains a student of the private school specialized in computer training courses.
in Addition to the quality, the reputation of the institute is done through the infrastructure put at the disposal of the students. “The school is permanently connected to a fibre-optic network. In addition, our students benefit from the best technologies existing on the market “, specifies one of the leaders of the IT University. The establishment multiplies, moreover, the partnerships with the global giants of the computer such as Microsoft or Oracle.
for example, Microsoft has partnered with this institution of higher education to open the first IT Academy in Madagascar. The students at the ITU can therefore familiarize themselves with the tools of the avant-garde of the software giant. This allows them to acquire a high level of competence in computer science. It is a springboard to prepare students for the demands of their future professional life, to have a CV strong and rewarding.

Olivier Robinson, rector of l’IT  University.

Olivier Robinson,
vice-chancellor of the IT University.

A great asset
IT University is also an ” Oracle Gold Partner “. “This status allows the IT University, including access to the e-learning content library Oracle University, the training dedicated to the partners thanks to the training curriculum guided by the Competency Center, the intensive training Enablement 2.0.
The IT University will also have resources that foster the migration to Oracle, ” says our interlocutor.
This is a plus for the students from the institute, in order to get a contract with companies based in Madagascar or elsewhere. Also, the majority of new graduates have already entered into a contract with some companies as early as the end of their internships.
The output of these ” specialists in new technologies, is timely in a context of madagascar, which requires skilled technicians to cope with the explosion of the market for it services and business process outsourcing.
” The number of technicians trained each year in the large schools
can’t meet the demand. In terms of qualification, the companies are especially in need of senior technicians. They want to human resources immediately available with the required skills, that are directly operational, without the need for additional investment, stable (non-gregarious), mastering the latest technologies, new tools, new languages, new versions of the product, ” said a University professor during the forum on the technology skills of information and communication technology (ICT) in November 2011.
The opening of the IT University is a response to that requirement of the companies. To believe the explanation given by the rector, Dr Olivier Robinson, ” the objective of the ITU is to train managers prepared for the jobs developed by the new technologies of information and communication. The training is supplemented by instruction in the tertiary on professional life. The opening of the ITU, it contributes enormously to the training of qualified technicians and operational “.

Jack Dorsey, the founder of the rébucket  social Twitter.

Jack Dorsey, the founder of
the social network Twitter.

News – Twitter is about to be sold

In failure of growth, the social network Twitter, which has never posted a single benefit, would be on the verge of being sold after having sought, without success, a viable economic model.
The group is in discussions with various technology companies, including Google (Alphabet) and has reported, on Friday, the string of information financial CNBC. Microsoft and Verizon are also on the ranks.
A transaction could be announced by the end of the year. In Exchange, the action Twitter has jumped nearly 20% on Friday.
The social network examines, for the last several weeks, different options to boost the growth down. In addition to its sale, are also on the table for job cuts, asset sales as the advertising network MoPub, or even application sharing short videos, Vine.
Twitter had already reduced last year, its workforce by 8%, but the recovery is still expected, despite the return to the controls in 2015, founder Jack Dorsey.
in The second quarter, growth remained sluggish with a stagnation of the number of users to 313 million, and a new net loss of $ 107 million.
in Addition to the data, the offensive’s recent Twitter into the live broadcast, including sports, could make it interesting for many groups in technology and media in quest for growth, according to research firm BTIG.
In this context, Disney and NewsCorp (Murdoch) would be of potential acquirers.
An acquisition by Google should bring about the reluctance of antitrust authorities who oppose their veto, according to BTIG, while should break his piggy bank since it weighs only 48 billion dollars in the market on Friday, compared to 15 billion for Twitter.
Unlike other social networks (Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Linkedin), Twitter has never really found its economic model, with challenges to retain its users.

Text : Lova Rafidiarisoa


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