Saturday, September 24, 2016

The analysis of children’s behavior in the face of the new … – Actu MeilleurMobile

child  playing with tablet

what is it that attract the most children ? Television, tablet or smartphone ? And how are the interactive tools and high-tech products can help in the education of 6-14 years ?

A recent study conducted by Médiametrie (audience measurement of all media, the internet, satellite television, cinema, etc) shows that 57 % of children of 6-14 years of age prefer the tablet, compared to 46 % among 15 years and older, 20 % like the screen of the smartphone, compared with 10% of the rest of the population and they are 3 times more likely (17 % vs. 6 %) to be in love with the screen of tablets. The figure is roughly the same for the use of tv in everyday life, 96 % for the 6-14-year-olds compared to 95 % in the over 15 years. By contrast, adolescents and adults who use the computers fixed and portable (respectively 12 % and 21 %) compared to children (9 % and 15 %). This study shows therefore that children are rather trendy on the tablet and the smartphone, and the tv continues to have an influence on them.

Have between 6 to 14 years of age in 2016, it is to be born at a time when Google, Facebook, YouTube and other social media take the reins of the hearing, and where platforms such as blogs or the free encyclopedia such as Wikipedia is increasingly consulted for information. These children are the new owners of the media and the actors of the NICTS should think of them. In practice, what the children like, these are handy terminals that allow them to have fun and share fun things with their friends. For parents and education managers, it is especially the development of educational tools and innovative information technology equipment that will enhance the supervision of children. Tracking software of educational, scientific games, object connected to the surveillance, such are gadgets expected on the part of the developers.

What does he invent to help children better enjoy the new technology ?


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