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New media technologies at the swiss Museum of Transport –


New media technologies at the swiss Museum of Transport

The swiss Museum of transport and adapts its exposure in the media to the rapid evolution of the technique. The institution at the Lucerne festival on Saturday the opening of “Media World”. Visitors will be able to make their own TV show in a professional studio.

From a foh position, interested persons can direct the shots and integrate real-time special effects made on the bottom of the Greenbox. The four categories of achievement touch-screen allows visitors to refine their contribution, indicates Thursday, the Museum of transport.

photo Booth in 3D
the Other great attraction, the photo booth “360° Booth” has selfies of the whole body in three-dimensions: 36 slrs arranged in a circle occur at the same time to capture the movement of visitors. In the nearby laboratory, visitors can try their hand at the job of a game developer and create their own mobile game.

The lab also allows visitors to discover other sites and events as if they were there, thanks to virtual reality goggles. They carry out so a helicopter flight or a descent by snowboard without leaving their place.

Dominated by a globe suspended from three tons consisting of screens, the new exhibit consists of 13 stations. Each of them shows to what extent the boundaries between producers and consumers of media fade away.

Programs for classes
in The middle of an app for smartphone, visitors can share with their friends the content they have produced on the spot. The interactive route proposed in the “Media World” is accompanied by demonstrations of technical innovations and information on the history of the media.

The theme of the consumption of media is also part of the highlights of the visit. The museum makes available to the modern classroom to show the influence of the media on a daily basis at school. It offers programs in literacy learning media, teachers can book online.

The transportation Museum hosted 2803 school classes last year. It is also the most visited museum in Switzerland.

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