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Industry: SMEs rely on new technologies … – Le Matin – The Morning Online

The Swiss economy is generally favorable to the success of small and medium enterprises. The economic situation and foreign competition, however, remain negative factors, according to a study of Credit Suisse . To remedy this, SMEs rely on new technologies .

overall, these companies believe that Switzerland remains a favorable implantation place its framework conditions, said Thursday the large bank. But the current economic climate highly concerned.

The strength of the franc seems to weigh even for most 2,000 SMEs interviewed by researchers at Credit Suisse as part of their annual survey SME success factors.

Many exporting industrial companies had lost competitiveness due to the appreciation of the franc between 2010 and 2011. the abolition of the minimum rate by the SNB in ​​January 2015 aggravated the situation and “all SMEs have probably not fully absorbed the shock,” explain the authors of the study.

the weakening of export sectors has also had the effect of weakening demand inside, they continue.

criticized Infrastructures

by branches, the transport sector are the most reserved about the benefits of the Swiss economy . Their complaints were infrastructure and regulation, said Emilie Gachet, an economist at Credit Suisse, in a telephone press conference.

SMEs oriented towards the domestic market, like the branches of business services , health or information technology, are the most positive way around.

micro-enterprises, employing fewer than ten people are also pessimistic. For the authors of the study, it may be that the less favorable financing conditions for them than for the biggest problem and to recruit highly skilled workforce explain this view.

Fear for immigration

what the study finds surprising is that despite the signs of recovery, SMEs are skeptical about the future said Ms. Gachet. It is possible that the companies surveyed fear the arrival of new negative factors.

In this case, it could be for example the application of the initiative against mass immigration, has -t she noted. It is also possible that all SMEs have not yet taken all the measures to counter the strong Swiss franc, she said.

56.5% of the SMEs surveyed, Switzerland suffers compared to the foreign competition, high production costs. traditional industry companies, those sites abroad or export more, are often the most pessimistic about it.

Relocation can

to fight against the disadvantages of the Swiss economy, almost a quarter (23.8%) of companies cite relocation. But a large majority (72.3%) is also focusing on the introduction of new technologies to gain competitive advantage.

More than a fifth of the SMEs surveyed already use strongly or very strongly. This is mainly self-organized production systems or big data analysis. Ups, SMEs and larger companies specializing in information and communication are the most advanced in this area.

Switzerland has more than half a million small and medium companies. These companies with fewer than 250 employees account for over two thirds of employment. Credit Suisse conducted its survey between March and April 1942 with one of them. (ats / nxp)

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