Friday, September 23, 2016

According to Larry Ellison, the new technologies cloud Oracle has … –

there are a few days of this, Oracle has organized an event baptis Oracle Open World. As keynote speaker, participants had the right to the speech of Larry Ellison, the co-founder and technical director dOracle.

During his keynote speech, Ellison has presented the new version of the database dOracle optimizes for the cloud : Oracle Database 12c R2. In this new version, several amliorations have been made to the level of performance, drivers for the programming languages and frameworks, but also at the level of the support for the analytical processing of large databases. And as important point in relation to the nouveauts of this database, we have an increase in the number of pluggable databases (several databases hberges in a database unique) and the possibility to carry out migration of these pluggable databases in line between the servers, the centres of data and cloud-dOracle.

Pass the chalk of the characteristics of this new database, Ellison has marked a point honours on the mrites of its database and cloud platform dOracle sharing with the assistance of the results of comparative tests effectus on its cloud service and dAmazon (AWS).

According to the results provided by Ellison, the database as a service dOracle (DBaas) sexcute up to 100 times faster for analytical workloads, 35 times faster for online transaction processing and more than 1000 times faster for mixed workloads compared Amazon DBaaS.

After having demonstrated that the database for the cloud-dOracle is more powerful than the one dAmazon, Ellison has contested the compliance dAWS excutant the database dOracle.

On that second point, Ellison has indicated that the database dOracle executed on the cloud platform dOracle is 24 times faster for the analytical processing on AWS. And as for the transactional processing, Ellison has demonstrated that its database was 8 times faster on its cloud-based platform that on the one dAmazon.

continuing its dmonstrations, the co-founder dOracle was tense on the fact that the databases dAmazon are more firm than the mainframes dIBM. He explains this by the fact Amazon Aurora (designed for transactional processing (oltp), Amazon Redshift (conus for the analytical processing), and Amazon DynamoDB (the service database NoSQL dAmazon) only work on the cloud services dAmazon (AWS). Once you’re on these platforms, you cannot migrate your databases to another service provider’s cloud, has held control how Ellison. Regardless of what happens, you are forced dy stay for your happiness, but especially for your misfortune.

For all these reasons and much more, Ellison did not lack daffirmer that Amazon Web services is simply not optimis to the database dOracle . He continued by saying : I’m going to go even further. Amazon Web services is not optimis to its own databases, as you can see. It does samliore not. It sempire. Amazon, a pioneer in the infrastructure as a service, provided always of the infrastructure-as-a-service first gnration .

And to insert the nail, Ellison believes that cloud technologies dOracle have 20 years advance on those dAmazon. For tayer their words, Ellison explains quAurora and Redshift lack certain features critics such as partitioning of tables, views, matrialises, the support for the types of deals rich, the particular requests SQL in parallle, the capacity of rpliquer the basics of give figures, the optimization of particular requests sophistical, etc

It should be noted that the dtail of the material used, and the conditions in which these tests have t effectus na pas t communiqu by Ellison.

Source : Oracle

And you ?

What do you think of these claims ?

do you Think that the assertions dEllison are vridiques ? Or do you believe what are without foundations ?

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