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How new technologies are reinventing the trade … –

A Smartphone app combined with special glasses can project himself into his future kitchen. – C. B.

E-COMMERCE The professionals are turning to augmented reality, and artificial intelligence, and 3D printer to help boost their sales…

augmented Reality, artificial intelligence, or 3D printer… These new technologies are already coming to reinvent the remote sale. in 20 Minutes took advantage of his visit to the Paris Retail Week, the fair dedicated to the retail trade, which takes place until Wednesday, in Paris, Porte de Versailles, to select three innovations.

The interior decorator virtual

The coach is in fact an artificial  intelligence that has learned à think of it  as a décorateur  intérieur.

” How reassuring a customer on the choice of a decoration ? How to guarantee that this object will fit in well with the interior ? “. To answer this question, the platform’s matching decoration What a nice place, and is headquartered in Lille, developed in partnership with the national Institute of research in informatics and automatics (Inria) a ” coach deco virtual.” Leroy Merlin is already testing on its radius fixture.

actually, you can on the site, or the application of Leroy Merlin upload a photo of your living room or your bedroom. The virtual coach, which is an artificial intelligence, will analyze your image and select the lamps – sixteen at most – which fit the best to your deco. “The most difficult was getting to this artificial intelligence to think like an interior decorator,” explain Anne and Isabella, the founders of What a nice place. In practice, the coach will analyze different data, colors, styles, and prices of existing furniture or the space available. Anne and Isabelle are hoping to soon extend the skills of this coach at the furniture before you can create its equivalent for the fashion accessories (shoes, bags, jewelry, etc).

His kitchen in virtual reality

A Smartphone application insteadée  à glasses spéare made to project in his  future kitchen.

Keyneosoft, company lille specializes in the architecture of the point-of-sale connected, was developed for the brand Ikea, a new Smartphone app – currently still in testing – allowing customers to configure their own cuisine.

Specifically, the application allows you to take the measures of his piece, import the photo, then select the modules of cuisine desired. From there, the mobile phone must be placed on the special glasses – Ikea is planning to get them for free or almost for the clients commander remote. When the client’s shoes, he finds himself projected in his future kitchen, already virtually equipped. There is plunged into total immersion with a 360° view. It can therefore change the color of the modules, but also change their layout, or delete them. Once the project is completed, the order can be placed with a single click.

The heel printed in 3D

A shell for the heel imprimée in 3D to  customize her shoes and  boots.

This is an innovation imagined by the start-up lille Unistudio and the shoemaker Eram. Their “Atelier 27″ allows the manufacture, in an hour, a heel-to-measure, 3D printed. Technically, it is not really a heel, but rather a shell of plastic heel to be positioned on a heel already existing. “Made in corn starch, this plastic, which is extremely strong, is for the moment the only material available but we are working on the development of new materials,” says Thiphaine, head of customer marketing at Eram.

Eram has so far worked on a design for a single model of heel for which it offers no less than six hundred possible combinations, by varying the width, the texture, the color or even the grounds. Prints with geometric volume such as a node or a death’s head – are also possible. For now in test, this Workshop 27th may soon find its place in some shops Eram, or can be requested via the online sale. The cost of such a heel ? It is not yet determined, but it should be limited to a few euros.

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