Thursday, September 29, 2016

New technologies : the jurisdiction breton – Journal Paysan Breton

The digital competence and technology is well established in Britain. It asks to develop in the agricultural sector, to facilitate the daily work of the producers.

If the Brittany is the second French division in the area of Technologies of information and communication technology (ICT), agriculture must benefit. It is the role of Agretic, regional development programme led by Bretagne développement innovation and is funded by the Brittany region, which facilitates the exchanges between the sectors of digital, and agricultural. Its platform Space had two other projects relating to the security of pastoralists and their means of production, offered by firms in brittany.

out of stock

Over the bad surprise of the silo empty on the eve of the weekend and the stress of to call her provider of food into a disaster… Until now, to manage the stock, it was necessary to climb to the top of the silo with a measuring laser, work by resonance by tapping on it or use plummets to tare every two years. The company Ijinus, which means “innovation” in breton, located in Mellac (29), and specialized in metrology – measurement of levels, is interested in agricultural production and proposes a concept of wireless sensor ask at the top of the silo. Using ultrasound, a probe that is self-sufficient for three years made the stock inventory in real time, with an accuracy of 95 %.

In the presence of multiple silos, each cell is equipped with a sensor and communicates the data via radio to the main equipment. This investment may also be of interest to the suppliers of food, ” with a potential gain of 1 €/t of feed by optimizing the logistics “, a figure Patrick Grange, a director of the company. The collected data by 3G, can be integrated into the collaborative project Domopig, carried by the company Kerhis. This project aims to collect all information within a single database, and to design a mobile interface is unique to the control, the collection and transmission of these data.

Monitor the remote sites

In another registry, to facilitate the monitoring of remote sites or nomadic, against theft, or to allow a video surveillance despite the remoteness of the ADSL lines, Tekxia, located in Saint-Malo (35), suggests a surveillance kit of 4 cameras and a hub which centers the information, all running on solar power with a very easy setting-up.


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