Friday, September 23, 2016

New technologies: the elders of the city of Sierre not convinced – Le Nouvelliste

Director of CMS-Sierre, Dominique Germann does not hide his interest in new technologies. Last year, CMS piloted a new system of sensors to prevent accidents. “The idea was to place multiple sensors in the home of a senior to analyze his regular travel for several days to be able to detect all the movements of suspects and, where appropriate, prevent the nursing staff. “

The sensors have been placed in each room, but also under the mattress and in front of the door of the fridge. Between 6 and 8 units on average per housing unit. They allow to monitor their activities and reduce the time between an accident – a fall or a malaise, for example – and the triggering of the alarm. After weeks of testing, the results fall. Disappointing.

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