Thursday, December 3, 2015

Amfreville-la-Campagne: new technology at the menu … – Paris Normandy

They are a dozen at table in the Maurice-en intercommunal Legoux of Amfreville-la-Campagne. The table is beautifully decorated and the atmosphere is relaxed. Mothers came with a quiche, a salad, a pastry or a tian to participate in “La Table dinner.” That night, they will discuss the role of new technologies in homes. This event is organized by childminders relay (RAM) for intermunicipal.

Hospitality and cheerfulness

Half of them have already participated in these debates where serious subjects does not prevent good mood. These meetings are aimed to promote the meeting between parents, says Marie Lecoffre responsible RAM facilitator. They allow sharing of experiences, value their skills and nurture the parent-child relationship.

Parents responded to questionnaires about the place and influence are the screens and social networks in their homes. They will be compared with opinion surveys on the subject, which will cause the debate about how everyone approaches these new technologies at home.

We also address content and the dangers of the Internet and the problem of addiction of young people to all these screens and control that parents can exercise their access says Marie Lecoffre. Pédogogie.

Hospitality and cheerfulness, the recipe for dinner tables works well and its success is undeniable.


childminders relay, Community of Municipalities of Amfreville-la-Campagne, 21 f, Republic Street , 27370 Fouqueville, tel. 02 32 35 81 71. Hours : Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, 13 h 30-17 h ; Wednesday from 9 12 hours h.


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