Sunday, December 20, 2015

HTC integrates new technologies into his helmet Vive – Le Journal du Geek

We were expecting the Vive, the reality helmet Virtual HTC and Valve, the end of the year. Unfortunately, it will have to wait a few months since the manufacturer announced that its product will be available in April. Developer kits will be available from the beginning of next year.

But why such an expectation, while our two thieves could strike a blow and directly compete with Samsung RV Gear ? Cher Wang, CEO of HTC, gave an indication: the manufacturer simply wanted to integrate several new disruptive technologies in his helmet, so important technologies that the decision was made to delay the launch of the device


Unfortunately, we do not know the nature of these mysterious technologies. Not even the price of the device … Hopefully, however, that these innovations will not cost an arm. Cher Wang has in any case shown that 80% of HTC’s engineers have raised the arms in a sign of approval when we presented them with a price. To learn a little more, it will now wait for the CES.



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