Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Star Wars saga, between reality and new technologies –

Star Wars
with Jules Roy

If at the time of the release of the Star Wars saga, it seemed inconceivable to travel the Millennium Falcon and pass the speed of light, scientists today are much less categorical

According to the magazine Science & amp. Life, There are some travel plans in the Milky Way. First
nuclear fusion rocket: a project born in 1973. The objective? Reach Barnard’s Star, 6 light years from Earth with a vessel composed of a two-stage motor. In 50 years it would reach the Barnard system. You can imagine there are still thousands of details to consider in attempting such a journey.

The other idea, the rocket antimatter. On paper there is no more effective than antimatter engine that turns any mass into energy with 100% efficiency. The only problem is that antimatter does not exist naturally and is very difficult to produce even small amounts. We must therefore be patient.

However, astrophysicists have discovered planets that resemble those imagined in the saga.
For example, they found a dead ringer for “Naboo”, the planet of Queen Amidala. A rocky planet with water surface. In reality it is the planet Kepler 452b, marked in July to 1,400 light years from earth.

Finally, the mythical planet Tatooine. Name inspired by the Tunisian desert of Tataouine. It is the home planet of the Skywalker family. His double was discovered in August, a planet with two suns: Kepler 453B to 1,400 light-years from Earth in the constellation Lyra

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