Friday, December 18, 2015

Belfius invests 100 million euros in new technologies … – RTL info

BELFIUS has signed several technological partnerships and invests 100 million euros in what may be called the “mobile banking”. Why ? For a bundle of reasons that affect us all. We are all more numerous each day using a smartphone. Since October, research on mobile terminals exceeded searches on the computer, we buy more and more on the mobile. In short, we have adopted smartphones and these have profoundly changed the way we communicate, buy, consume.

motivations specifically related to the banking market

So far 1,500 of their customers download the mobile application to view and manage its accounts. The bank has 560,000 active users, twice as many as a year ago. Result, you or me, almost never let’s agency, the physical interactions with their customers BELFIUS agencies annually capped at 600,000 interviews, while these same clients connect 12 million times per month …. A figure constantly increasing.

What are these partnerships and investments signed for 100 million € … and what will they use it?

First there was a vision of becoming the leader in digital bank in Belgium. Clearly, making smartphones and tablets the first communication channel with customers BELFIUS. To do this, we must develop that channel. The first strategic partnership signed by the bank aims to develop what is called the “customer intelligence”, centralize, manage, understand, use, recover and reuse customer data. With one goal: to offer the customer at the right time, good service, good product, personalized, rather qu’harceler its permanent client. The second partnership concerns the infrastructure, to equip agencies amenities including fiber optic, allowing them to easily discuss with clients by digital channels. The two other partnerships are more technological parties, the first on the connected objects, the second on fashion FINTECH these technology startups that will revolutionize the relationship between banks and customers.

Is this a step towards the disappearance of agencies?

Yes and no. These investments will further reduce your visits to agency, but she will survive, you will simply have a greater range, more efficient exchange with your bank.


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