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Technofix is a young startup francilienne in the field of service the person who intends to make accessible the goods and the use of new technologies through interventions, training and a range of concrete services.

 Technofix - personal services - Internet support

Technofix provides new technologies users a stakeholder team “passionate and sharp” , which moves directly to the home or to the client’s office.

So the “technofixeurs” involved in several fields and on different types of media: computers, smartphones and tablets, network, home automation, sound system and home theater, parental restrictions. They put in service, repair, parameterize, explain and advise.

“One day while I was away for a few months, my mother, like many people, not being familiar of new technologies, has had a problem with the wifi connection of the tablet. Usually close, it is I who résolvais such problems, be it virus problems, online payment or software installation problems. This time, not being there, she had to wait for my return. That’s when I came up the idea of ​​a service to people who, like my mother, may need assistance or rapid support and closeness of their computer equipment and connected objects. Thus was born the idea of ​​Technofix … “ says Wassim AMRI founder Technofix

The operation takes place in 3 stages to qualify for the intervention of a” technofixeur ”

  • The person subject directly on the website intervention technofixeur selecting under services, the media on which the technician must intervene and, if necessary, the training we would like. Technofixeurs availability is displayed in real time on a calendar. The customer chooses himself the day, time and desired number of hours of operation.
  • The day and on time, the technofixeur visits the home or at client’s office for the installation, repair and / or training.
  • After the passage of technofixeur, the customer expresses his comments on the quality of service and overall service TECHNOFIX.

Technofix -Services to the person “Currently, the team Technofix covers all of the Ile-de-France region. New teams will be available on the entire French territory in the form of regional unity, “ says Wassim AMRI.

Listed rates, Technofix offers a fixed hourly rate (79 € TTC hour), regardless of the services, and the place of intervention in Île-de-France. The start-up plans to extend its activities to other regions.

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