Friday, December 4, 2015

New technologies help reduce consumption … – Ouest-France

In a report published Friday in full climate conference (COP21) in Le Bourget, the Academy states that the contribution of technologies Information and communication technologies (ICT) in efforts to reduce the energy consumption of other sectors proves “far greater than the impact generated by their use” .

The information and communications technology “represented, in 2012, 4.7% of the electricity consumed on the planet, and carbon footprint estimated at 1.7% of the world” believes the Academy of Technology, a public institution under the Ministry of Research.

The contribution of ICTs to intensify called

This weight is ” regular and sustained increase, but to a lesser extent the growth of uses “ through ” technological innovations developed by industry to improve the energy efficiency of their products and equipment “ says The report, which takes into account computer equipment, devices and telecommunications infrastructure and energy intensive data centers.

Most importantly, “The contributions of ICT to lower energy bills and the carbon footprint of other sectors are evident and called to intensify in the future, “, the Academy added, citing transport, energy optimization of buildings, industrial applications or the dematerialized procedures such as application areas “particularly favorable” .

“Furthermore, the recovery of heat from IT equipment is a track” that would boost the economies, the report said.


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