Sunday, December 6, 2015

Arnaud Tsamère: ‘New technologies make me mad’ – MetroNews

What is the concept of this evening?
It is a gala called # hyper and we wanted to place under the sign of new technologies. I am a geek at heart. All these new objects connected to drive me crazy. We also thought it was in the times with social networks. Between each artist’s passage, I will present to the public the implementation of certain objects such as smartphones, a drone, an electric unicycle … I will try to convince the public that all this makes our lives easier but obviously I meet some difficulties.

Is you has happened crazy things with this kind of subject? It never
me nothing happened mad-crazy but I know all these things so I tapped into my passion for writing. But what’s great in our industry is that precisely these crazy stories, one can write

Nine comedians -. Lecaplain Baptiste, Jean-Marie Bigard, Knights of the Fiel, Laura Laune … – will succeed on stage. Is it not difficult to deal with so many different personalities?
We need the good will of everyone. Each artist must be aware of being in a plural show. It takes self-discipline to respect the timing. Each artist will present a sketch, not necessarily related to new technologies to prevent it from being indigestible. The public can see the universe of each comedian. I will also be a duet with some of them.

“I like being endangered, it is a good engine ”

Do You A favorite among them?
Olala [he laughs]. No, there are only friends! We love everyone in this business!

The live broadcast of the evening on TMC, this excites you or that stresses you?
It excites me! I like being endangered, it is a good engine. And then, Gala begins when we have before us 1500 people. We play for them and forget rather quickly that is live on TV.

How did you find the edition 2015 Montreux Festival?
To be honest, my schedule, not allowed to attend. But we are rarely disappointed me because the organizers always select the top of the basket.

To see: Montreux Comedy Festival closing party on TMC to 20 h 50



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