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Spicee, French pioneer of web-documentary – Cross

There Spicee born six months, the leading independent web-tv dedicated solely to reporting and documentaries.

You have five, fifteen or thirty minutes before you? You want to meet Namibia, “ the only female boxer in Cuba ” explore the beginnings of the Burmese fashion or spend an immersion week in Syria with jihadist fighters? Here is part of the program concocted by the team of first web-tv dedicated to documentary, born in France in September 2015

Braver “kilometer from the law.” – Precept in use by TV news to mean that the death of a neighbor is worth more in terms of audience ratings than a hundred people on the other end of the earth – by offering stories from around the world, such is the challenge of Spicee. The media, which in many ways is similar to the project of the magazine XXI, refuses to advertising to maintain its autonomy and offers a subscription to € 9.90 per month.

” The TV is ancient history “

The idea of ​​a documentary devoted exclusively to media, germinated in the summer of 2014 the head of Antoine Robin, former CEO of Havas production and immediately seduced Jean-Bernard Schmidt, former managing editor of magazines at M6. Very quickly “ in less than eight months ” Spicee takes shape. A speed that Jean-Bernard Schmidt described as necessary: ​​” The digital world is the Grand Bazaar. We wanted to create a non-exhaustive benchmark of excellence . ” Considering that “ TV is ancient history “, the duo pursues a clear objective: taking the digital bandwagon and conquer the Web-documentary market in France abroad.

Practical, Spicee just settle down in elegant “open space” in the heart of the 11 th district of Paris. The construction, which has a dozen people mostly in their thirties, works there “ streaming, day and night ,” says Jean-Bernard Schmidt. This installation closes the first chapter of early Spicee “ in start-up mode in a cellar ” and leaves room for new projects. “ We will open in January our first overseas platform ” ad cofounder.

While Spicee has not yet celebrated its first anniversary and has barely completed a fundraising of € 1.2 million, it is already crucial to the team of “ become a global brand, but with French know-how in documentary-making . “

A surprisingly popular model by the generation Y

The team of Spicee does not intend to waste time. And for good reason: the first results “ are very encouraging s” according to Jean-Bernard Schmidt. Spicee expects a turnover of € 500,000 for the first year and totals almost 1000 subscribers and 5000 content purchases by unit. But without advertising, subscriptions are not enough to return it “pure player”. Spicee proposes Topics foreign television channels. For now, a prestigious circle with Al Jazeera, Radio Canada or Germany’s ZDF has acquired stamped content.

A quick time which certainly match the fast pace of digital but also the influx of proposals in terms of reporting. “ There is a strong power in the world of documentary television can no longer absorb ,” enthuses Jean-Bernard Schmidt. Far from being confined to the immediacy of the click, the younger generation is paradoxically fond of long formats, on the side of journalists and the public. A surprise for the founders of Spicee themselves. “ While our initial target was 30-45 years, 30% of our subscribers are under 30 years. “

An editorial also” spicy “qu’engagée

And the” spice “of topics also stands Spicee . Based on the agency Babel Press, Spicee has 40 correspondents “ Rio Islamabad .” A choice of long format and the International which combines an editorial for Jean-Bernard Schmidt: “ We said certain commitments. Towards migrants as in the documentary “The Pacific Solution” or to women which are often the main characters of our subjects.

Last dated feat of arms: the production of a series of topics on the conspiracy theories that plague the canvas. The team has achieved Spicee from scratch a video complotiste and studied its spread on the canvas (9350 views on Youtube in three weeks). The experiment resulted in a documentary “ConspiHunter” and in 2016 Spicee offer educational materials to help young people to fight against the “conspis”. “ This documentary is a UFO, both in the mixture journalists angles and substance ,” says Thomas Huchon its director.

A powerful and incisive UFO. As the platform that hosts …


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