Wednesday, December 9, 2015

New technologies in television –

true image of revolution is the content side
with Jules Roy

Our screens are becoming more and more dishes but according to” Le Parisien in France today, “the real revolution of the image is on the side of the contents!

Now drones capture the best moments a stage of the Tour de France, virtual sets as lifelike accompany the candidates of “Dancing with the stars”, the cameras film 360 degrees and voices mimic as closely as those of historical characters we never thought hear. Program producers now attach great importance to digital technologies

Let’s start with what beats audience records each year. Sport. It’s in sports programs as chains invest more in new technologies. For example, for the 2014 football World on users could choose between six different cameras to watch the games. TF1 renewed this experience for the world rugby in the last few weeks.

Finally, it is the viewers who take power through tablets and smartphones. For example, the technique of “Water marking” allows viewers to act, to express their views or to vote for a candidate in a talent show. It is thanks to this tool from the sofa that could compete with the guests and candidates of the show “What do I really know?” Broadcast on M6 until May.

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