Friday, December 11, 2015

Video Club Pouliguennais adapts to new technologies – Ouest-France

In a room set up Duchess Anne, half a dozen people work behind their screens, having clinched their cameras to get many anonymous players to posterity. These images are hunters adherents Pouliguennais Video Club. Focus on amateur filmmakers who do not take themselves seriously, yet are as conscientious as professionals.

The CVP was born in 1976 and grew up under the chairmanship of Jean-Claude Pilon. “At the time, they worked with super camcorders or cameras 8. Then came the era of the 8 and Hi8″ , says Michel Guihéneuf, the new president of the club. Their common goal ? “Show to Pouliguennais topics that go over the entire peninsula” .

technical knowledge

They are doing so by turning many films throughout the year, alone or with others, which are then mounted at the club, as a team. Their local allows them to work all week, freely, even if the days of activity are set to Monday and Wednesday. “To 1 hour 30 films, we realize fifteen subjects, about 6 minutes each” . The members of the video store are inspired “everywhere but often associations that are asylum. For example, we film the shows of theater groups. There, we turn to four cameras: a central, two side and one for close-ups. It takes time, it is getting a mount governed “.

Despite the playful side of the realization, however, the renewal of the club is a bit difficult. Dartois Daniel says: “What stops many people, it is the technique. Our activity requires computer skills. Us, it was self formed. We headed down to Vire, in Calvados, to find an editing software and the machine that goes with it at a time. We went VHS tapes to DVD and then the Blue-Ray. The hard part is finding blank media, printable, at a competitive price, because the disk is serious “. Their low budget implies resourcefulness. “The most important thing is that we troubleshoots ourselves” . Sometimes new members enter the association, interested in the personal service and training they can receive. But few are those who truly cooperate with former long.


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