Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Climate. The tycoons are committed to new technologies … – Courrier International

On the occasion of the COP21 , major Internet entrepreneurs have formed a “coalition”. In Focus: the willingness to invest in some startups to promote green energy.

“Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Branson [Virgin founder] Jeff Bezos [Amazon boss] – and just about anything that gets stamped billionaires in the world of technology announced that they allied themselves to fight climate change. Their partnership has a name: the Coalition Future Energy [Breakthrough Energy Coalition in VO ] “ Gone with the US magazine Wired . Sunday, November 29 evening, the founder of Facebook announced via his page on the social network, the launch of this group.

These billionaires “have promised ‘ new economic revolution’ based on clean energy, “ developing The Guardian . The goal of the Coalition is to invest primarily “in companies that launch and that have the potential to produce affordable energy future that virtually no reject CO 2 reports The Verge .

” Nothing will be possible without the private sector support “

In addition to contractors named above, this group is particularly composed of Chinese Jack Ma, head of online sales site Alibaba, and Reid Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn the professional social network.

It is no coincidence that the creation of this coalition coincides with the COP21 . Monday, November 30, Bill Gates took advantage of the international summit to pose with many heads of state – including Barack Obama and Francois Hollande. Together they participated in the launch of the Innovation Mission, an intergovernmental program that promises to double spending on research for green energy. Wired concludes

On the one hand, choosing this agenda, the Coalition capitalizes on the fact that green energy is the focus of discussion this week. On the other hand, this announcement reminds a widely shared belief in the world of new technology and Silicon Valley: whatever agreement they reach, governments can not go very far without the help of the private sector . “

Cyril Camu


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