Monday, December 28, 2015

Credit card: new technologies to fight against … – FranceTV info

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Credit cards are the preferred payment method for consumers. The downside is fraud, especially on the internet. To secure transactions, new highly specialized technologies are already tested. “For example in November, 2000 customers are testing an ephemeral cryptogram map” , says Justine Weyl tray.

“The cryptogram is the three-digit security code which is listed on the back of the card. The novelty is that instead of being engraved on the card and therefore definitive, it appears on mini display and changes automatically every 20 minutes “ , details the journalist France 2. The system runs on a battery and the card is not thicker. “Advantage: if someone gets my cryptogram, it will have very little time to make purchases with my card Disadvantage:. such technology will cost more” , says Justine Weyl. Other more advanced technologies are still being studied, such as “voice recognition” “pay with his fingers” or “facial recognition” .

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