Thursday, December 10, 2015

The new technology trends for 2016 – OBJETCONNECTE.COM

Ericsson present a report containing a list of 10 consumer trends in fashion for 2016.

According to a panel of consumers interviewed, they lean on the fact that Artificial Intelligence will become increasingly prevalent on smartphones. Half of users also think that smartphones will be exceeded within 5 years .

In addition, the report also added that the adoption of network technologies increases , allowing to generalize further. The first users have a time much shorter than the previous advance.

The information that is in the report on the 10 trends for 2016 come from the Ericsson ConsumerLab . This is a global research agenda that reflects the views of a panel of different consumers.

New techologies

  • The sharing economy 80% people understand the advantages that the sharing economy. 33% of consumers in the world are already involved in some form of economic sharing
  • The “native streaming”. youth are more likely to go to YouTube than others age groups. Almost half of 16-19 year olds are about an hour see on YouTube
  • The AI ​​is ahead of the screen: AI will allow better interaction with the various objects without having to go through any screen. 50% of smartphone users say that in the near future (5 years), smartphones will be exceeded
  • More sensors in homes. more than one user on two Smartphone think the houses of brick could include sensors to detect potential problems of mold, leaks, electricity. This kind of technology could happen within 5 years still according to those users. Smart Housing is probably rethink entirely
  • Smart travelers. the panel of users think that the time spent during the ride home / office should be better used to do not be passive. 86% of them could use services tailored to their personal needs
  • The social network more present in case of emergency. social networks could be the means of first Emergency in the fact of contacting emergency services. 60% of users would even have an application in order to provide them with information during a disaster or an exceptional event, such as “safety check”
  • Sensors integrated into the body.: internal sensors that measure our health could be the new devices of tomorrow. 80% of respondents would like to use this technology to improve their sensory perceptions and their cognitive abilities such as vision, memory and hearing
  • Everything is hackable. most of smartphone users say clearly that piracy and viruses remain a problem. 1/5 of these users say have more faith in an already hacked company was able to reduce the problem
  • Myth of “all journalists”. users increasingly share more information via social networks, increasing their influence in society. 33% of them say that issue a warning about a corrupt society far more impact than simply to go to a police station.

To see the full report, click here.


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