Monday, December 7, 2015

STX France combines with CEA Tech to develop new … –

In line with its new five-year improvement plan (see our article on the subject), which aims in particular to modernize the yard with new technologies, STX France signed in late November a partnership with CAE Tech. On a five-year agreement will see the technology hub of the ECA, commissioned by the government to improve the “quality competitiveness” of companies as part of the national industrial strategy, working with the manufacturer to develop products and services STX France that will operate in the near future. “In a constantly evolving industry, the challenge is firstly to optimize the production of ships by improving industrial performance through modernization processes on the core business of STX. This approach will also contribute to the attractiveness of the products of the manufacturer. By offering search of increased competitiveness for its products or services, growth prospects in new markets or developing new applications, CEA Tech will provide its partner solutions based on a significant technology portfolio in the areas of digital intelligent systems, micro and nanotechnologies and new energy technologies and materials, “explain the two partners.

A first project on onboard data transmission

This new collaboration will begin with the development of a new data transmission system capable of operating in all environments, including a ship under construction, for which the metal shell generates a effect “Faraday cage” disrupting traditional media. To solve this problem, the future system will use multiple technologies, such as radio transmissions at different frequencies or the Li-Fi, French innovation based on a LED light to transmit remote, mobile or tablet, multimedia content ( video, sound, geolocation).

STX France and CEA Tech must also work on the identification and geolocation of parts and packages in real time inside a ship under construction, and the characterization of the health state structures or materials without degrading (NDT). It is also designing cobotiques systems (robotic assistance to a human operator) adapted to the constraints of implementation on board to facilitate handling of heavy and bulky loads. For Laurent Castaing, General STX France “CEA Tech has great technology and ways to make industrial and applicable to our problems. No doubt that this agreement will allow us to gain a few lengths ahead in the areas on which we will work initially, and then to all those that our collaboration will develop over time “


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