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Bionic hand and barcode reader, new technologies … – Cross

Contractors, associations and large companies mobilized around disability issues met Thursday 9 and Friday 10 October in Paris at the “Tower of solutions” of Mouves.

On stage, when Nicolas Huchet grabs the mic, no one notices anything. Yet the right hand naturally grabs the object is a robot hand, the mechanic of 30 years designed and built himself.

The young Breton presented his project to the sixty association leaders , social entrepreneurs and representatives of major companies gathered at the Paris headquarters of Dawn Association as part of the “Tour of solutions”, organized by the Movement of Social Entrepreneurs (Mouves)

= & gt;. Bionicohand, bionic hand for under € 1000

At the age of 18, the young man was amputated forearm after a work accident. It does not have the means to buy a classic robotic prosthesis, which costs more than € 60,000 and decides to launch itself in the construction of a bionic hand.

For this, the Breton pushes the door Fab Lab (fabrication laboratory) to Rennes. The place is an exchange and self area including 3D printers, and other electronic machines, mark “makers”, hackers these artisans who share their knowledge on the Internet. “We have welcomed me and said that my crazy project was feasible. I discovered the world of open source (FOSS) and I was able to connect and collaborate with experts in robotics, prosthetics, encoders … “, demonstrates Nicolas Huchet. After a year and a half, it appears from the laboratory with a lively prosthesis.

Nicolas Huchet picks during this “Tour Solutions” advice and possibly financial partners to continue to step Next:. improve, and his bionic hand on a larger scale, at a cost not exceeding € 1,000

“The goal is not to create a business for profit says the young man, who has just returned from New York, Rome and St. Petersburg, where he was invited to present the project. I am looking for a model that would allow me to try and possibly plant me. One thing is for sure, I want to be part of change. “

” Neither the state nor the market alone can not address the complex social issues such as disability confirms Jacques Dasnoy, managing director of Mouves to initiative of the event, the solutions can only be collective. “

= & gt; Eticode use barcodes serving visually impaired

Neighbors Nicolas Huchet seat on the stage, Marie-Laure Martin and Olivier Jacques are both visually impaired. He is attendant, she is a physiotherapist. Since 2005, they are working to develop the Eticode program (2).

“The products have barcodes for years. Why not use them to serve the visually impaired? “, asked the couple.Grâce a small scanner – the same as those used by supermarket cashiers – the computer program reads the barcode and provides product information to users via oral a synthesized voice

A way for the 1.2 million visually impaired people in France to distinguish between two similar products to the form -. insecticide bomb or hairspray, for example – or to know the expiry date of certain products, including medicines. “Eticode for example allowed a Friend visually impaired can continue to care for her sick mother” , quotes Marie-Laure Martin.

The project was awarded the Handitech prices in 2010. 450 products referenced initially we are today more than 35 000 Connected to a small printer, the system can generate its own barcodes to stick on the objects used in everyday life.

“We’re not particularly good at computers, explains Olivier in public. We just met people who have similar needs, and we are helping us to find a simple and collaborative solution. “

= & gt; RogerVoice, the start-up to allow deaf people to call

Another application, still in draft form, RogerVoice aims to transcribe written form calls made from Skype. No applications for the deaf do today makes a fine automatic transcription, live and in different languages, explains Olivier Jeannel, founder of the start-up bringing the project itself and hearing impaired.

The project collected in one week € 16,000 ($ 20,000) on a platform for participatory financing, the amount required to program an application for the Android operating system. “We are hoping to raise the same amount next week, which would allow us to develop the same application on iOS” , smiled Olivier Jeannel.


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