Monday, October 27, 2014

SAFT: In 2014 Mantelec lounge, Saft Introduces New … –

Madrid, 27th October 2014 – On the occasion of MATELEC, the international exhibition of electrical and electronics industry, Saft, a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of high-tech batteries for industry will present its latest technology lithium-ion batteries (Li-ion) dedicated to the applications of renewable energy storage and backup The power supply of telecommunications networks.

On the stand 8D12, visitors will discover the energy storage systems developed by Saft such qu’Evolion®, Intensium® Home Intensium® Max. These systems are designed to optimize the reliability of the emergency power supply of telecommunications networks and storage of renewable energy for industrial and residential applications.

Saft battery systems exposed to room MATELEC have storage solutions for energy efficient telecommunications facilities and electricity networks. These new systems also enable the integration of renewable energy sources to the power grid and support the relevance of programs to develop renewable energy. Saft intends to continue its policy of innovation for energy storage in order to contribute to the sustainability of renewable energy sources for our society , “says Ignacio Quiles, Director General of the Spanish subsidiary of Saft.

Evolion® – A reliable backup system for telecommunications networks

Based on the Li-ion technology proven Saft batteries Evolion® modules are specifically designed for the market telecommunications networks. Compact and lightweight, these intelligent power modules provide maximum relief from the limited space available in the telecommunications closets. Design, which does not involve maintenance and long life including optimize the total cost of ownership (TCO). Flexible, easy to install and display a high energy density, the Evolion modules require only 50% of the space required by traditional lead acid batteries (VRLA).

Intensium® Home – Maximize individual consumption

Home Intensium® is an integrated 48 V energy storage system developed by Saft, which allows owners of solar installations residential optimize the consumption of energy they produce photovoltaic. This system stores the excess production of photovoltaic energy for use during peak demand, thereby improving domestic consumption. This battery system that is both compact, economical, environmentally friendly and requires no maintenance, has high reliability as a function of intelligent energy management and remote monitoring. Home Intensium the system has the flexibility to meet both the requirements of energy storage and power. It consists of Saft Synerion® 24M modules that offer energy efficiency and high reliability for thousands of cycles.

Intensium® Max – A system of containerized energy storage systems connected to the network

Intensium® Max is a system of energy storage container designed for installations connected to the grid supply. It smoothes the intermittent production and turnover rate that characterizes renewable energy sources to maximize their reliability and their use differ depending on the needs at the lowest cost. Max Intensium containers are used in a large number of leading projects worldwide, including the STORE (Of Reliable Energy Storage Technologies) project led by Endesa on the Spanish island of Gran Canaria. Intensium Max is a fully integrated energy storage system that is ideal for solar and wind medium and large power connected to the network. This system is capable of stabilizing a wind farm or a solar plant with a capacity of 5 MW for a lifetime of 10 or 20 years.


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