Thursday, October 23, 2014

Connected objects: how to leverage these new … – Marketing Performer

By Anthony Ruff, Associate Director of LSFinteractive, a company specializing in winning and retaining visitors

5 tips to enable companies to implement a CRM approach first operator connected objects.

1. To learn how to master the connected objects already mastered the mobile

Mobile marketing is (finally) taking a heavy weight in the media mix for advertisers. This lever has required the integration of new skills within companies because even if some marketing reflexes are common in traditional web, mobile works with quite different from those of web technologies. For example, it requires the integration of the SDK in your applications to connect to partner solutions, fingerprinting for tracker and a reliable tracking of your users, mastering responsive design for your communications adapt to all screen sizes, etc. Smartphones are the first objects connected you should understand the other (watches, bracelets, scales …) operate on a relatively similar technique principle.

2. Why it makes a difference, moving from the internet internets

The emergence of connected objects is a paradigm shift for the customer relationship. We simply interact with an individual, but also with the items he carries and places through which it passes. So these are three types of relationship we will have to manage rather than just one. This is a new playing field for marketing: there will be 30 billion connected items in 2020 and a number can be as important places connected (the rapid growth of Apple iBeacon is the first sign of this trend background). It is now possible, for example, to follow the path of mobile users in your stores, how often they come and touch them up after they come with ads on mobile.

3. Brands will have to learn to sell services in addition to their products

Providing quality products is no longer sufficient in today’s connected world. Mobile users expect to interact with your product or brand to make their lives easier still, rewarding and enjoyable. Like Nike that tracks performance racing (Nike + Running) or Evian that can order bottles of mineral water straight from the fridge (Evian Smart Drop), brands must expand their ecosystem services to become indispensable to consumers. When will Nespresso application that will sync to my alarm clock to start my coffee within minutes

4. Application: the standard of the relationship with a connected object

Of course the rules , norms and standards need to be built in this area, but use is emerging and to structure: linking object connected or connected to a mobile application in order to control or retrieve information instead. In fact, the smartphone has gradually become the “remote control” of our lives. Permanently in our pocket and associated with a single person (as opposed to the PC or tablet), the smartphone has the ability to absorb all the products and services it touches. Thinking he has already replaced the computer, television, mp3 players, camera, camcorder, game console, the blue card (soon with NFC payment) … We could continue this list for a long time.

5. Do not miss the Corner: so does your survival

Do not underestimate the potential of these applications and the connected objects. They can jeopardize your business in an extremely short time. The father of two young children, I recently discovered by a free application that can replace traditional baby monitor connected together by two smartphones example. So why would I pay 80 € for a classic baby monitor, bulky to carry and impossible to store in my pocket? Feel free to start from scratch: rethink your products and your offer by grafting all the possibilities offered by these new technologies. Nothing worse than trying to duplicate your current offer on an application: Tinder has become a serious competitor to Meetic for this application uses geolocation and lets you instantly meet people close to the place where you are



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