Tuesday, October 14, 2014

New technologies facilitate the sex trafficking of young … – CBC

         Trafficking in human beings is a growing problem in Canada, according to a new report from the Canadian Women’s Foundation. At the heart of the problem, the use of new technologies. Recruitment is now easier and sex more lucrative market.

         “More and more young women are recruited at a very young age. ”
          – Shelley Gilbert, coordinator of social services at Legal Assistance of Windsor

         Internet opens pimps a whole new market, which generates much more money than before. They make on average $ 280,000 per year recruited young girl. In addition to increasing profits, the use of new technologies to realize quieter recruitment escapes public scrutiny.

According to the report:

. 90% of victims of human trafficking come from within Canada;
. in the case presented in court between 2007 and 2012 in Canada, 100% of the victims were women;
. 3000: the number of victims identified in 2012 by the 266 organizations that participated in the study;
. $ 280,800: annual profit by a pimp by wife
. costs of sexual slavery for many state medical expenses, victim services, long-term counseling, legal costs and welfare costs.

          Girls of 13 and 14

         The girls are recruited younger, usually between 13 and 14 years. And half of the girls forced into sexual slavery in Canada live in foster homes, allowing pimps to cut spending, such as food.

         Pimps, mostly young men of Canadian origin are also more difficult to prosecute. Since 2011, the vast majority of them is identified in court as the boyfriend of the victim.


. Girls are usually recruited at 13 to 14 years;
. half are enrolled in foster care;
. half (women and girls included) are Aboriginal.


. Most pimps are young men aged 19 to 32 years old, Canadian-born

. half of them are affiliated with gangs.


. Customers are usually white men, married or common-law, educated and from middle-class.


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