Monday, October 27, 2014

New technologies for animals – Science and Future

CONNECTED. In France, there are almost as many pets than people. About 63 million animals distributed in 48% of French households. The importance of this community inspired professionals of new technologies and the Internet.

Now your pet can, as you register on a social network, use of connected objects and even watch a TV channel dedicated to him.

Of course, some criticize these new trends that are related to anthropomorphism. But they are nevertheless they encounter a real success. This is the case of social networks to animals.

They exist all kinds of social networks for animals

So YummyPets is the equivalent of Facebook for pets . This network allows you to share the events of the life of your pet. We can create a profile in which it is displayed photos, race, habits, preferences … This type of network also allows owners to exchange tips, recommendations and ads on their passion.

MEETINGS. You can also register your pet to a dating site, dating Pets, either for breeding or for simple strolls among animal lovers. Finally, when you go on vacation, there are many websites to keep your pet.

Connected objects allow to be present at distance

In connection with these social networks connected objects, announced as the new industrial revolution, are designed to make life easier by allowing to attend remotely.

VACCINES. The collar allows connected, for example, avoid losing his dog by locating it in real time. It is also a way to gather data on the animal’s periods of activity and inactivity, his health … It is also possible to have permanent access to her health records and receive notifications to remember when vaccinated for example.

In case of prolonged absence of the home, connected boxes also help to communicate and play with your pet and even feed. Finally, there will soon be even a TV channel devoted solely to dogs. From California, Dog TV, offer relaxation programs featuring dogs with background music.


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