Tuesday, October 7, 2014

New technology. A day with co-workers in Laval! – West France

In Laval, one can make the “coworking” to Neoshop. This is a new space dedicated to colocation office. Last Thursday, we plugged our computer there much of the day. 10 h 15 Dark glasses and blond curls, Marie-Alizé FAVREUL stands behind the counter of the shop Neoshop in Laval. This is where you apply for a place of “coworking.” Understand an open and shared between the self-employed looking for an office space. The equivalent of a roommate but professionally. “ The first day is free. Then it’s € 6 half-day, € 10 per day, “ said Marie-Alizé, holding a ticket with Wifi and codes indicating the étage.L’escalier metal staircase leads a large room with parquet flooring, white walls and windows on Rue du Jeu-de-Paume. In the center, a large table made up of several islands of plastic and a big screen video conferencing. It is “cool” but here the day begins like most offices: a café.Une day télétravailUne cup in hand, Audrey Lecomte, mission digital die Laval Mayenne Technopole, this site. “Upstairs there is an office to receive clients and, next, a break room with a kitchen, microwave, sofa and books. “ In the joint office, Audrey tinkered a wall of cards. Here are past graphic designers, developers and also specialized in ecological habitat realtor. “People are all self-employed. It also aims Parisian employees who successfully negotiated a telework day “ summarizes the project manager.

10 h 40 Pauline Carratié, 31 , has just opened his computer on the shared desktop. “I have a draft of the e-commerce site,” says the young woman recently arrived in Laval Montpellier. “I trained as a lawyer but as I can not find my branch (litigation, Ed), I have this piece of chocolate sales on the Internet in connection with the family business. I come here because when I work at home, I turn around. “The discussion began between Pauline and Audrey, Technopolis, which in the past” was selling riding equipment on the Internet. “Their office a jourEntre time, Jean-Luc Chesneau, 46, set up his workspace. An industrial property agent, he is on duty in the coworking space every first Thursday of the month.

10 h 53. Not another word around the communal table. Pauline highlights in a notebook. Jean-Luc is focused on his screen. No phone ringing disturbs the concentration roommates. “There is a natural respect, Audrey finds. Users are still people who used to work. When a person is alone, allowed to call if there is a room upstairs to be alone. “

12 h 30 The office is empty. Pauline is still a time to talk. We see down the three gentlemen who hold a meeting in the relaxation area at the top. Then rise, sandwiches hands.

15 h. The community of coworkers (pronounced ko-oueur-kor) has grown. Sandrina Perrin, 46, “rigologue” (specialist laughter) examined a notebook. Beside her, Amelie Richir, 43, writer, biographer and historian, working on computer. An hour later, the two self-employed store their office one day. Mothers, they go get their children to school.

16 h 30. Pauline goes away happy. “It was a super good experience, I think I’ll renew. The place offers good about working conditions. “

16 h 50. Jean-Luc goes to Nantes. Marie-Alizé left the home of Audrey shop to take a place coworker.

18 h. The office closes in an hour. All our friends one day left. It imitates, after laying a card on the board of the small community.


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