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Robot miss: “Internet and new technologies me … – Cheek Magazine

Laetitia Wajnapel, aka Mademoiselle Robot, blogger, 2.0 feline groupie and DJ in his spare time, answered questions geek Cheek.

Since his London flat in Notting Hill, Mademoiselle Robot, 35, chronic fashion, beauty and lifestyle on his eponymous blog, under the critical gaze of his cat Brak, undisputed star of his Instagram account. Feline passion that does not date from yesterday since the animal was already the subject of his first site created in 1997. “ The site was even appeared in a Yahoo ranking of the funniest sites on cats “remembers laughing blogger.

After studying history, abandoned for a master’s degree in cinema that will bring the coup de grace to maternal expectations facing Sciences Po, the young woman who “ always wanted to write, but not on serious subjects, let alone policies “, began working as a freelancer for magazines French video games. “ At the time, there was already a strong link between video games and movies, and the studios put energy to develop the female characters more charismatic ,” says -it. In summer 2004, she moved to Bristol on a whim in love, then in London after a romantic disappointment, the city she has always loved. “ I especially need an excuse to go to Paris ,” she says.

I especially wanted not write about video games. After three years playing for the job, I had my slap. “

It is the desire to reconnect with writing that pushes the ex- journalist became tester, posting his first articles in November 2007, taking advantage of the time given by her maternity leave. “ I do not particularly want to write about video games. After three years playing for the job, I had my slap. So I started to write a little about everything , “she said. The fashion stories follow a few months later with the publication of his first outfit: a picture of her and her daughter to match. “ I have since deleted everything to preserve its digital identity ,” said Mademoiselle Robot. She now shares the fashion section with his friend Warren Beckett aka Mr. Robot brings his gaze on men’s fashion. Between two cats pictures, Laetitia Wajnapel, his real name, responded to our interview connected.

Geek of the first hour or geek formed on the job?

In the first hour, and even before the first hour. (Laughter.) I started very early with video games: in 1987, I received my first console, the Sega Master System, and in 1995 I created my first email address. As far back as I can remember, new technologies have always interested me. It’s really come to me because my mother are ready limited attention and my father still does not know how to use a computer. Although in retrospect, one of my uncles, who is very gadget may be able to guide my interest.

Mac or PC?

Mac 100%! Upon his release, I offered the first iMac that I always kept since, even if it does not light up. If they gave me a PC, I can no longer sure what to do, I missed so many episodes.

Your favorite site?

BuzzFeed, because it is also good in the light than in seriousness. It thus covers all my interests, list of cat photos to articles on world events.

Rather Twitter or Facebook?

Twitter and, more recently, the new social network Ello, a sort of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all-in-one, for the moment, works without advertising.

Your reference geek (real)?

The writer Douglas Coupland.

Your reference geek (fiction) I need regular.

Joshua, the little kid who hacke the Pentagon from his home computer in the film War Games .

Your app more stupid?

CatPaint app that allows you to photo montages with cats.

Your favorite Instagram account?

The actor, director, photographer and designer Philip Eastman American.

Do you have periods detox?

I do not really feel my digital activity as an addiction. Internet and new technologies do not puff me still life.

For or against the tablet?

For me, the tablet is for entertainment, I can not work on it, let alone write an article. It is also often chipée by my seven year old daughter who uses it for reading or watching cartoons.

Your biggest shopping cracking geek?

In the same month, my iMac and my first digital camera on my freelance salary that allowed me barely pay my rent.

What you can never do online?

A lot of things, but mostly reveal my private life. I do not benefit either of the anonymity of the Internet to put disgusting comments, in other words, I’m not online that I would not do offline.

This you can not do other than online?

From shopping for both clothes for the new cat litter. I do not like going to the shops when I go out, I prefer to do something else.

What the Web has changed the most in your life?

The way I communicate with others, being in constant contact with the world, to have his friends in his pocket. Internet has also provided a very practical dimension to my life, like shopping, for example.

Interview by Leandra Ricou


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