Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Panasonic unveils its new technologies of image and security – Global Security Mag

New 4K Ultra 360 ° dome cameras, analysis and face-WV ASF900 new cameras and 3 Series and 6 research software will be launched at Expoprotection.

Dome Cameras 360 4K ULTRA: The new camera 360 ° panoramic indoor ULTRA (WV-SFN480) and vandal proof outdoor dome camera, IP66 ( WV-SFV481) summers have developed with Panasonic 4K Ultra HD 12 MP technology to offer advanced features, amazingly clear images and multiple modes of transmission for monitoring large areas. This new camera 360 ULTRA dual image resolution of the previous generation 360, producing images Fisheye 3K x 3K to 9 megapixels at 15 fps and images Fisheye 4 megapixels at 30fps via H.264. Like all i-Pro cameras integrated in the ULTRA 360 ° cameras generate a video image processor corrected in multiple display formats, with the ability to encode up to two simultaneous H.264 and JPEG modes for maximum. flexibility 360 4K cameras, WV-WV-SFN480 SFV481 and will be available in December 2014.

New software analysis and face search WV-ASF900

Our platform Analytical ASF900 WV-based face recognition allows you to search high speed movies recorded based on an identified face, for example, the software can search for a face to 5,000,000 in 3 seconds. The server can support up to 20 cameras with face detection function. Reference images can be selected from the video or imported from BMP, JPEG and PNG files records, and can be searched on the recordings in seconds. Face recognition is made in real time with respect to a stored base (up to 1000 faces can be listed for a direct comparison). The software includes statistical counting function, recognition of gender and age. Ideal for airport security, stadiums, railway stations, public places and businesses, our ASF900 solution can support multiple simultaneous sessions using the Panasonic ASM200 ASM970 and applications

New Panasonic cameras Series 6. Our cameras i-Pro Series 6 have a capacity of outstanding image processing and guarantee high-definition video images in very difficult conditions and low lighting. Using advanced technology, its processor UniPhier® LSI, the new 6-Series cameras produce up to 60 frames per second for high-resolution image capture exceptionally sharp objects and people in motion.

The new 6 Series Panasonic delivers exceptional performance, advanced image processing features and maximum flexibility with Super Dynamic technology, LED lighting, Auto Back Focus (ABF), the objective motorized and dual SDXC card slot for a larger recording capacity and flexible recording modes including alarm and backup in case of network failure recording.

The new 6 Series models include:

2 camera models Box Super Dynamic Full HD 1080p (WV-SPN631) and HD 720p (WV-SPN611) our 2 cameras provide capabilities for processing image advanced and exceptional video quality for a wide range of video surveillance applications. The cameras are equipped with an innovative compensation function fog standard, which improves the video quality during adverse weather conditions such as fog and sandstorms.

2 dome network camera models outdoor vandal proof infrared LED Full HD 1080p (WV-SFV631L) and HD 720p (WV-SFV611L) waterproof, IP66 and dust resistant. 2 interior vandal models: Full HD 1080p (WV-SFR631L) and HD 720p (WV-SFR611L). Two interior styles: Full HD 1080p (WV-SFN631L) and HD 720p (WV-SFN611L). 6 Our cameras offer a dynamic range of 133 dB compared to conventional cameras. Infrared LEDs are used to capture images with a 0 lx lighting. 6 cameras have a mechanism for automatically adjusting the focus and a motorized zoom for easy installation. VIQS the technology used to display images of higher quality for 8 areas designated as excluded image quality is reduced. The VMD feature provides the ability to establish four programmable detection areas with 15 levels of sensitivity and 10 sizes of areas.

The optional intelligent video detection (i-VMD) movement provides features advanced features such as: intrusion, tampering, management, change of scene, object and lane departure detection

New 3 Series cameras.’s dome network cameras deliver Series 3 images exceptional HD video. Built on the same platform as the models UniPhier® 6 Series, the new 3 Series range offer 720p HD images up to 60fps. Super Dynamic and Adaptive Black Stretch technology (ABS) offer a wider dynamic range up to 133dB, allowing cameras in the 3 Series beings high performance in environments with low lighting. All cameras in the 3 Series offer increased sensitivity to light, producing color images in an environment of 0.01 lux and ensure noise reduction thanks to the Multi-Process Noise Reduction (DNR) technology. As the 6 Series models in the 3 Series can encode up to four to six H.264 and JPEG streams. Its simple mechanical design for easy installation and maintenance. The new models of the 3 Series include: 2 outdoor models vandal (WV-SFV310 / 311), 2 indoor vandal-resistant models (WV-SFR3120 / 311), 2 indoor models (WV-SFN310 / 311) and a model internal infrared (WV-SFN311L.)


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