Wednesday, October 29, 2014

New technologies to meet the sight and touch –

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The Argus II is the only time a program developed by the US company Second Sight project. This prosthesis is designed to help people with retinal degeneration and thus visually impaired. It consists of an electronic implant that enables the failed electronic retina and glasses. Although the vision of those treated is not found in 100% (patients recognize certain shapes and colors), three French hospitals are beginning to use: the National Hospital of Ophthalmology Centre (CHNO) to the Three Hundred Paris and university hospitals (CHU) de Bordeaux and Strasbourg.

The prosthesis amounted to 95,897 euros, but since August 14, it is fully reimbursed by Social Security, according to a decree published in the Official Journal . Today, three French are already equipped with the Argus II prosthesis. Worldwide, there are currently two other patients. A German and an Austrian. Still in draft form, these glasses should be presented on the market in 2015

One of three French patients testified Tuesday micro Europe 1.

New types of implants to eliminate severe disabilities, there are many others. Bionic now allow members to find the sensation of touch. An artificial hand was tested in January 2013 on a Danish patient 36 years. It is connected to the nerves of the arm, allowing it to have the function of a member almost normal. Dennis Sorensen Aabo he told he had a year ago “could feel sensations” that he “felt most in nine years.” The marketing of this product will be considered “in five years earlier and fifteen years later,” stated at the time Stanisa Raspopovic, one of the participants in the project: “Everything will depend on future clinical trials.”

The system bionic hand. DR.

We now lists 5 million deaf or hard of hearing, blind 61,000 in France in 2014. The marketing of these processes could change the lives of so many French in the years to come

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


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